203. Obsessed

Fact: I have become obsessed with the idea of running half marathons.  After I finished my first half marathon back in August I knew two things: 1) I have no desire to ever run a full marathon, and 2) I would do another half marathon in the future.

Along with knowing I would do another half in the future, I knew I would do my next one right.  I would train more thoroughly.  I would learn to fuel properly.  I would run the entire 13.1 miles.

What I didn’t know is when I would run my next half marathon.  Honestly I hadn’t even given it much thought.  Then Laura texted me to let me know she’d just signed up for the Dallas 13.1. Oh, she had also only paid $30 for it.  A few minutes later she suggested I sign up too.  I thought about it for approximately 30 seconds before I figured what the hell?  I walked out of the lunchroom, back to my computer, and signed my ass up.

In case you’ve forgotten, I live in Chicago which isn’t exactly close to Dallas.  I’ve also never actually met Laura.  Clearly neither of these things is of concern to me. 

I’ve got a year to save money for plane tickets, and even though we’ve never actually met, I consider Laura one of my best friends.  I couldn’t be more excited to meet her and run a half marathon all in the same weekend.   (Actually, this will complete two items on my Mission 101 list as well!)  And should it not work out for whatever reason, I onlyspend $30 on race registration.  That’s the averge cost of a 5K in Chicago.

Of course, now that I’ve got half marathon on the brain, October 2011 is just too damn long to wait.  Last weekend at the Hot Chocolate 5K, Sarah mentioned that she was planning to run the Wisconsin half marathon in May 2011.  She also told me about the sweet block of Swiss cheese finishers medal

HELLO!  A finishers medal shaped like a block of Swiss cheese!  How does someone say no to that?!

So, today I decided I’m going to do this half marathon too.  I haven’t signed up yet because I had a lot of “extra” expenses last month with my brothers wedding.  Once I’ve got all that stuff paid off, I’ll be signing up.  I’m also planning to participate in the Girls on the Run Solemates program, but I’ll discuss that more later.

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