204. I Am Not Monkeying Around Here.

Some of you may remember back in August when I made a monkey cake for my friend now boyfriend Nik.  You may also remember that cake was a bit of a nightmare.

I, however, am not one to give up easily so when Krista asked me to make a monkey cake for her Brother in Laws birthday of course I went for it!  I’m happy to report things went much more smoothly this time around!

I also took a few more photos this time to document the process.

Step 1: Bake the cake.  This time I made sure the pan was thoroughly coated with non-stick spray in order to avoid the problems I had last time with the cake sticking to the pan.


Step 2: Make the icing.  Once again I used the Wilton’s classic buttercream icing recipe.  I added the milk 1 T at a time to avoid making the icing too soft like last time.  It was still a bit soft though so I think next time I’m going to use their recipe for icing with a stiffer consistency.


Step 3: Gather your tips, dyes, pastry bags and other supplies.


I used Wilton tips 3, 14, 16, and 363.  I also used, brown, ivory and kelly green Wilton colors.  I colored the icing as I went along, but you could color the icing all at one right now.

Step 4: Outline the details.


Step 5: Fill it in.  Work your way from the top to the bottom doing one color at a time.


Step 6: Add edging and trim details.


And the finished product…


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  1. Awww, I love your monkey!!! Super cute. My friend made a nintendo cube cake for her hubby’s bday last night! I’m inspired to try baking a cake now! I want a monkey cake!!

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