208. My Very First Homemade Pumpkin Pie

So I mentioned this has been a DIY-tastic week.  Staining tables was fun but what about some DIY in the kitchen?

Enter the DIY Pumpkin Pie.  I love canned pumpkin as much as the next food blogger, but there’s no wasn’t supposed to be any canned pumpkin to be found in this post.

I started with this little guy…


and ended with this delicious creation…


For the crust I used BrownEyedBaker’s Perfect Pie Crust.  This crust is amazing.  I could smell the buttery goodness as I was rolling it out.  For the filling I used this recipe on pickyourown.org.  Let’s do this thang.

First, may sure you have everything you need.  if you don’t, run to the store on the day before Thanksgiving to get the final ingredients.

butter chunks

Assuming you survived your trip to the grocery store, cut your butter into tiny squares and popped them in the freezer as suggested by BrownEyedBaker.

While the butter was freezing, heat up the oven to 350 degrees and cook some chickenless chicken nuggets for lunch while preparing the pumpkin to be cooked.

pumpkin oven

Cut the pumpkin into 2 or 3 pieces and scoop out the guts.  Place them face down on a cookie sheet or in a baking dish.  (Pretty much the same thing you would do for a spaghetti squash or any other squash.)

Take nuggets out and put pumpkin in for 30 – 45 minutes depending on the size of the pumpkin pieces.

I baked mine for 45 minutes which was probably a bit too long.

While the pumpkin bakes sit down to enjoy a nice lunch of chickenless nuggets and leftover asparagus risotto.  Begin blog entry now as well.


Once you’re done eating and trying to determine if your dog is going to barf on your rug begin making the pie crust.  It needs chill for a while before you roll it out.

process dough

I added a full 1/4 of ice water before the dough would stick together.

While the pumpkin continues to bake and the dough continues to chill clean the pumpkin seeds so you can roast them later.

Once the pumpkin is done baking, scoop the “meat” away from the skin with a large spoon.  Give it a whirl in the food processor or blender and set it aside until it’s time to make the pie filling.


My harvest gold, probably older than I am food processor is really getting a workout today!

Once the dough has been in the fridge for at least an hour it’s time to roll it out.

Rolling dough is pretty much the bane of my existence.  Over time I’ve found one of the best ways to reduce frustration is to get an excellent rolling pin (Seriosuly, don’t be a cheap-ass when I comes to buying a rolling pin.  Shell out the cash for a good one.) and roll the dough between two pieces of waxed paper.

roll doughcrust

Get the crust into the pan and bake.  While the crust bakes, mix together the pie filing.


Realize your pumpkin didn’t produce nearly as much puree as you need and flee to your pantry for you last can of pumpkin.


Cry about having to add a can of pumpkin to your totally from scratch pie, but then thank God, Allah, the Flying Spaghetti Monster or whomever that you don’t have to run back to the store on the day before Thanksgiving.

Check crust and realize the purpose of pie weights.  Do damage control with a Pyrex bowl. Forget to take pictures from here on out.

Fill crust and bake. Assess the damage to the kitchen, and start cleaning.


Debate making another crust now or in the morning to make another pie using the ridiculous amount of filling you have leftover.

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