21-Day Yoga Challenge

When I posted my April goals last week, I completely forgot to include the fact that I’m participating in the YogaDownload 21-Day Bootcamp Challenge.  (I’m skipping the cleanse part, but I am planning to add some juice and/ or smoothies to my daily routine. ) Last January I did a 21-day challenge through the site, and I loved it. I loved the feeling of practicing daily, but as it happens, things got busier (and I wasn’t getting a pre-selected class and email reminder,) and I slowly fell away from daily practice into weekly practice into maybe a couple time a month into I don’t remember the last time I practiced.

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So when I saw the challenge posted on Facebook, I decided to jump on it.  (It also helped that they were offering their Elite Membership for $10.)  Yesterday was the first class, and it was their HardCORE Yoga.  Tuesdays are my busy days so I did the 30 minute class, and that was more than enough for my body.  I’m really looking forward to rebuilding my strength, stamina and flexibity with this challenge.

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2 thoughts on “21-Day Yoga Challenge”

    1. I’m a big fan of the site. I think the class selection is pretty extensive and I think they’re well done. The pricing is reasonable, and I love the convenience of being able to get my yoga on at home. There aren’t really any studios convenient to my house or work, and the ones that are kind of convenient don’t have a schedule that works for me. I think the memberships are also totally worth the money too if you practice regularly, but they also offer most of the 20 minute versions of their classes for free.

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