247. When Life Hands You Lemons…Make Soup!


Apparently somewhere along the line I became that girl who cooks everything her man requests. Okay, that’s total bullshit. I still cook what I want. It just so happens that in this case what I wanted was requested by my man. While we were meal planning for the week, he requested Avgolemono Soup (Greek Egg Lemon Soup).

I couldn’t tell you the last time I ate this soup, but I do have very fond memories of eating it all the time in high school. My neighborhood has a huge number of Greek-owned diners, and there was one we frequented on days off and early dismissal days and occasionally after youth group and really any chance we got especially if it was Thursday (Egg Lemon Soup Day).

Of course, with all these fond memories floating around in my head, I immediately knew I had to add it to the meal plan. My next mission was to figure out how the hell to make it.  I did a Google search and checked out a few recipes settling on one that seemed pretty basic and easy to make (read: impossible to screw up.)

All day I was questioning my ability to make an Avgolemono Soup that would live up to my (at least partially Greek) boyfriend’s standards. I was seriously terrified I was going to make something horribly inedible. The only thing that induced such terror in me is the plight of making homemade bagels. (Notice that to this day, I have yet to make homemade bagels?)
While I had some down time at work, I decided to do another Google search for recipes and ran across this post by Sassy Radish.

After reading the post and taking a look at the recipe, I instantly felt better about making this dish.  I could tell this blogger had done her homework to really construct a stellar Avgolemono Soup recipe.  I was 100% more confident in my ability to make this soup.  I followed the recipe pretty much exactly, except I used a rotisserie chicken I got for $1.99 at the Jewel, and I cooked the orzo in the soup like one of the commenters suggests.  The soup turned out awesome (though it was a bit heavy on the lemon so you might want to scale back some if you’re not big into lemon.)

So lesson of the day…trusting your recipe is important.  If you’re not comfortable with the recipe (or your abilities to improve a mediocre recipe,) you’re not going to feel confident in your cooking.  I guess this explains why I tend to turn to the same bloggers and websites when I’m in need of meal ideas.

Now, does anyone have a good recipe for Greek lasagna?

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