251. A Cheesy Half Marathon Training Plan: Revised

A week ago, I had the terrifying realization that my half marathon was a mere nine weeks away and my “official” training scheduled should have started three weeks prior.

Panic set in immediately.  I started freaking out that I wouldn’t be prepared.  I was worried I wouldn’t get enough training in and that I would end up walking a large portion of this half marathon too!  I freaked out for a little while before remembered my half marathon is in nine weeks not next week.  Yes, I was starting my training a few weeks later than ideal, but I really didn’t need to be panicking like I was.

I talked to my friend (and running partner in crime) Sarah.  She talked me down off my metaphoric ledge and reminded me that the half marathon training group she was pacing had just started this past week so I would be fine.  She even offered to send me a copy of one of the training schedule for the group she was volunteering with.  She mentioned various training schedules that use run-walk intervals.  I thought that would be a good way to get myself back in the groove.

I immediately vowed to hit the road Saturday for a 3.5 mile run, and I did.  But it was hard.  When you go months with only a sporadic run here and there running that easy go-to 3 miles gets hard.  I did run-walk intervals of about .5 miles running to .1 mile walking.  My Garmin died half a mile into my run so I had to estimate.  Thankfully Chicago streets (especially the south burbs) are set-up using a rockin grid system that makes measuring distance pretty easy.  

I also immediately hit Amazon and ordered Jeff Galloway’s book Half Marathon: You Can Do It.  Jeff Galloway’s whole method of running is based on run-walk-run intervals.  He suggests that all runners use these intervals, varying the length of each interval according to the runner’s pace.  (For example, I average about a 10-minute mile; for that pace, he suggests a 3 minute run: 1 minute walk ratio.)  The theory behind the use of run-walk-run intervals is to allow the body active recovery during the run which helps prevent fatigue and speed up recovery.  I’ve found the run-walk-run intervals to be really helpful in getting back into my training so I’ve decided to stick with it for the remainder of my training and see how things play out.

Another thing Galloway suggests in his book (which I’ve skimmed cover to cover*) is that you really only need two 30-minute runs during the week in addition to your weekend long run.  This tracks with the less-is-more theory Megan talks about in this post.  Since I have limited time during the week to get my runs in, I absolutely love the idea of only having to do 30 minute runs during the week.  It’s much easier to squeeze in 30 minutes than it is 3 – 5 miles which could take me up to an hour to do (not including changing, getting out the door, stretching, showering and changing again!)  I definitely foresee myself blowing off fewer runs because “I don’t have time much less” and having runs of a much higher quality.

So in light of all this, I’ve revised my training schedule.  I’ve included three days of CoreFusion – Sunday I’ll do the Energy Flow Yoga, Monday is thighs and glutes and Wednesday is upper body/ arms.  

 Here’s what March looks like:

So there you have it.  I’ll be updating my Training Page (for real!) as well as tracking my workouts over on The DailyMile.  Feel free to friend me over there!

*I’ll be doing a full book review once I’ve actually read the whole thing cover to cover.
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3 thoughts on “251. A Cheesy Half Marathon Training Plan: Revised”

  1. This looks like a great plan and I think I am going to implement it as well. My half is in two months and I think I am overwhelmed and overthinking training plans. Thanks for sharing!

    1. The calendar on here is only for March, but the plan doesn’t change much except the long runs get longer – I increase by a mile each week.

      Training plans can definitely be overwhelming espeically looking at the whole thing at once! I try to focus on one week at a time.

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