254. Green with Envy Shamrock Shake Blondies

You might remember that I hail from the South Side of Chicago – land of the Irish Catholic.  We have green beer, an infamous parade corned beef and cabbage, a slew Irish pubs, a song, and an overabundance of Catholic schools.   In fact, I live walking-distance from 4 Catholic schools, including the largest all-girls Catholic High School in the country, ranging from preschool through college.  

So, when my friend hosted a Pirate Dice Tournament/ St. Patrick’s Day party on Friday night, I knew some seasonally appropriate (read: GREEN!) treats were in order.  My little brain was churning the entire commute home.  Then it hit me: the Shamrock Shake.  That strangely bright pastel green, mint flavored shake that pops up in McDonald’s across the country this time of year.  That was my inspiration.  Shamrock Shake Brownies was my idea.  Unfortunately, turning brownies green seemed like a next to impossible feat.  Turning Blondies green, however, didn’t seem quite as challenging.

I used this blondies recipe from Smitten Kitten as my base and made the following changes:

shamrock shake blondies Girl Can Blog

1 t of vanilla
1 t of mint extract (Actually it was more than 1 t because I spilled it, but 1 t mint extract is plenty.)
3 oz chopped white chocolate (white chocolate chips would also work)
Wilton Leaf Green Icing Color**

I was a little afraid of not getting a vibrant enough green, and in the end, the edges did turn out a little more “moldy” looking than I was hoping, but the center was nice and green.  Next time I would use more food dye to make the batter slightly darker than what I was going for with the final product.

The taste however was fantastic.  These were nice and minty with little hints of white chocolate.  These might need to become a St. Patty’s Day tradition in my house.

**You could use green food coloring, but I strongly recommend using the food dye.  You’ll get stronger color with less dye.  Plus, I find using too much food coloring tends to affect the taste.

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