260. Goals, Goals, Goals: April

First things first – don’t forget sign up for the Veggie Challenge ends tomorrow at 11:59pm.  Please comment on the challenge post if you want to participate.

Since March is almost over, it’s time to review my  goals for March and set some goals for April. 

March: a month in review

My main goal was to get back into a regular run schedule.  I did pretty damn good at this.  I revised my training plan and took on a run-walk-run method.  I’m behind on my long runs, but I’ve gotten in most of my other runs.  I even did an extra-long week day run last week because I was feeling so good

I seriously failed at my goal to do CoreFusion three times a week.  I did it a grand total of 0 times.  I’m not sure why.  I just didn’t bother with it.

My final goal of keeping my house clean was kind of a mixed bag.  I did okay when it came to keeping it clean on a day-to-day basis.  What I did do though, with the help of my amazing boyfriend, is to get a really good deep cleaning taken care of.  We vacuumed every nook and cranky in the living room and dining room, cleaned off the balcony (now I don’t look like the building white-trash anymore!), scrubbed down the kitchen, and I even Swiffered all the ceilings and walls!  Last night I scrubbed down my main bathroom.

April: a month to improve

I really only have one goal for April focusing on the realizations I had about getting back on track with weight-loss.  However, I realize it’s an incredibly broad and over-arching goal so I’m breaking it down to more specific sub-goals. 

My goal is to re-create a solid base of nutrition and fitness to re-focus and re-start my weight loss.  I’ve got three sub-goals (and a few sub-sub-goals):

  1. Food and Fitness Journaling: I started a (old school pen and paper) nutrition and fitness journal this week.  It’s more than just logging the foods I’m eating and my work-outs.  I’m actually doing some journaling as well.  Generally I’m tracking the time I eat, what I eat, how I’m feeling/ why I’m eating (e.g. hungry, boredom, no reason at all).  I’m also tracking my work-outs and my thoughts on those as well.  My goal for April is to journal 5 complete days a week including 1 weekend day.
  2. April Veggie Challenge:  I’m setting a minimum goal of 2 cups of veggies per day.  I’m also setting the goal to try at least 4 new veggies.
  3. Well rounded fitness:   I got my cardio back on track in March, and obviously I need to stick with that and commit to my long runs for the half marathon training, but I realized during one of my runs last week that I really need to recommit to strength training and yoga.  My runs felt so much strong when I was regularly doing CoreFusion.  I am making a goal to do CoreFusion at least 2 days a week, including yoga one day.

So here’s the less convoluted list of April goals.  I’ve also decided on a reward for April.  If I meet all of the following in April I’m going to buy the juicer I’ve been debating buying for the last month.  It’s something I want but I don’t really need.  I’ve lived this long without one, but I think it would be cool to have and I would use it pretty regularly.

a)      Journal all food and fitness 5 days a week, including 1 weekend day.

b)      Minimum 2 cups of veggies per day

c)       Try 4 new veggies

d)      Do CoreFusion 2 days a week, including 1 yoga day

e)      Do all 4 long runs in April

I’m really hoping to re-focus myself in April.  After all, spring is all about new beginnings…right?

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