274. Another New Fitness Challenge?

I’ve been lacking in the blog-spiration department lately – hence the lack of posting up in here.   I’m all about quality over quantity when it comes to my blog content so sorry, I’m not sorry.  However, today I do have some quality content for you in the form of a new and improved fitness challenge!  (I’ve been doing pretty well on my Smart Girls Do Dumbbells challenge.  I haven’t totally stuck to the schedule, and I’ve altered it a little, but I’m doing it.  It will be integrated it into this new challenge. )

I’ve talked about my weight loss journey a little more frequently in the last 6 months or so: my weight-loss rest stop, my fear of success and reaching my goal weight, the importance of setting small goals to build into larger successes.  Since April, I’ve done really well.  I’m down 4.5 pounds.  This isn’t a huge amount of weight in 2 months, but it’s a good start.  It has me feeling like I’m back on the road and headed in the right direction.  However, I also know I need to make some changes in order to keep losing.  The major change is I need to increase the amount of exercise I’m doing.

For me, food has never really been the issue.  I’ve got that part of the weight loss equation down.  As long as I’m focused on my efforts and conscious of what I’m eating, I do pretty well.  I can indulge without going overboard.  I can keep myself in check.  I make pretty good choices over all.  It’s moving my ass that causes me problems.  When it comes to working out, my excuses have excuses.  I was talking to Laura about this today, and she decided the best way to handle this would be to go all drill sergeant on my ass.

Laura: True but working out at home doesn’t work for you all the time
 me: I’ve been doing better lately.  I did my ST last night at like 10pm while watching a movie.  And I even did extra abs!
Laura: Okay I have a deal for you
 me: Okay… (terror in my eyes…)
 Laura: Make an exercise plan for home and stick to it and prove to me you can follow it
Or I’m buying you a gym membership
And making you go girlfriend
You won’t get to your goal weight without consistent exercise!
me: Hahaha, I know! And I know how important it is!

And thus my current fitness challenge was born…

So here’s how it’s going down.   

  1. I’m continuing my Smart Girls Do Dumbbells Challenge; however, I’m going to do it daily rather than every other day.  I’ve actually found that doing it every other day is detrimental because I allow myself to “make it up the next day.”  If I’m doing it daily, there is no “next day” to make it up. 
  2. I’m training for a 10K on July 17th.  My training plan will be posted on my training page.  It actually includes cross training!
  3. I will walk at least 1 mile a day with my dog.  I usually do this anyway unless I’m feeling exceptionally lazy.

Now, we all know that every good challenge has a prize she here are my prizes.

  1. If I meet my strength training goal at least 75% of the time, I’m going to buy a new swim suit from Athleta.  I need a new swim suit either way, but I’ve been on the fence about dropping that much money on a suit – even if it is better quality than a swim suit from Target.  If I meeting my strength training goal, it’s mine.
  2. If I meet my training goal at least 75% of the time, I’m going to (finally) buy myself a velcro strap for my Garmin.
  3. And as an added bonus, if I complete everything at least 75% of the time, Laura is sending me a prize, and according to her, it will be epic.

The challenge starts today and will end on July 17th.  I’m going to make a concerted effort to post weekly progress reports here.

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0 thoughts on “274. Another New Fitness Challenge?”

  1. Wow look at my bitchy ass cameo! HAHAHAA.

    I’m really excited for this challenge for you and I will stay on you ass to make sure you are posting your progress reports! Those will keep you exceptionally accountable.

    Would it help you more or not at all to know what your epic prize from me will be?

    1. Definitely don’t tell me. I hate not knowing things (seriously, ask Nik how annoying I was about my birthday present), so not knowing what my prize is will push me so I can find out.

    1. I’m feeling really good about this. I just need to make sure I’m keeping myself accountable and getting encouragement. *hint hint, nudge nudge to all my blogger friends*

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