275. Fitness Challenge Week 1

Is anyone else having the busiest summer of their lives or is it just me?  I already have plans every Saturday, except one, until August 20th.  (I wish I were kidding!)  And I have plans 3 out of 5 weekends in October, and several not yet scheduled events between August and November.  I guess that’s what happens when you hit the age where all your friends start getting married and having babies at exactly the same time!  I’m certainly not complaining because I love my friends, and I’m thrilled to be sharing these important moments with all of them, but sometimes looking at the calendar can be overwhelming!  That said, time for a review of Week 1 of my current fitness challenge.

The heat for most of the week was pretty atrocious which limited my walking with the dog.  We tried on Wednesday, and I almost thought I was going to have too carry him home the last quarter mile or so.  I had girls night dinner and wine night on Friday, a supremely busy Saturday and an exceptionally lazy Sunday.  These things did not do my fitness routine good.

The Plan: The Results
30 minutes of biking + SGDD: It was hot, but I don’t mind biking in the heat.  I rode for about 35 minutes and covered a total of 5.78 miles.

3 Mile Run + SGDD: I woke up early and knocked out both my run and my strength training.  I did 3.3 miles (including brief warm up and cool down) in about35 minutes.  Success!

1 mile walk with Maxwell + SGDD: Thursday ended up being a disaster.  I was supposed to have a massage, but it got cancelled because the place had no power.  I got home and my garage had flooded due to the massive rain storm earlier that morning.  I dealt with that then ended up going to cook dinner at Nik’s.  I did get a walk with Maxwell in there, but it was pretty brief…maybe a quarter mile or so.  Better than nothing though.

1 mile walk with Maxwell + SGDD: This was just an all-around failwhale.  I was “too busy” getting ready for (and attending) girls night dinner and wine night which really means, I just didn’t bother to squeeze in the strength training

3.5 Mile Run + SGDD: Woke up with a bit of a hangover thanks to wine night.  I already had a jam-packed day so not being up my workout first thing that morning pretty much screwed me over.

40 minutes of biking + SGDD: I ended up doing my 3.5 mile run as well as .75 miles of walking for my warm-up and cool down.  It took me about 45minutes.

1 mile walk with Maxwell + SGDD: I made up Sunday’s 40 minutes of biking and doubled up on the upper body strength training.  I plan to double up on the lower body today so as to not do back-to-back fullbody workouts

Total Results: 4/4 Cardio sessions &  4/7 SGDD sessions.

Overall, I definitely could have done better, but I feel like this week was a solid start.  I give myself a C.  I made it a point to make-up missed cardio sessions, but I’m still not giving strength training priority.  I need to get these done every.single.day.  I know I need to (and can!) do better this week – especially if I want my super-secret reward from Laura!  This week I’m going to focus on doing my SGDD routines first thing in the morning.  I also need to stay focused during the weekend.  This weekend isn’t quite as busy so hopefully that will help!

Coming later this week – a recipe!  (Oh, ah, finally, at last!)  Yes, even though I haven’t been blogging much, I have still been cooking up a storm. Check back on Thursday for my pineapple mango salsa!

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