28-Day Blog Challenge (#28DBC)

Yesterday, I got stuck in the elevator on my way up to work. In reality, I was only stuck in the elevator for about a minute, but here’s the thing, I’m irrationally terrified of elevators – like it borders on a legit phobia. Just getting in an elevator makes me anxious. I’ve been known to get off an elevator if it gets too crowded. I won’t get on an elevator without my phone. Given the choice, I would take the stairs to my 20th floor office. Yes, I’m serious. I pretty much went into a panic attack the moment the elevator came to an abrupt and rattling halt.  I had to force myself back into a different elevator so I could ride from the 19th to 20th floor, and I showed up to work a crying, hyperventilating mess.  I do not reccomend a Monday morning panic attack.  It’s not a great way to kick off your week.

Really though, that has nothing to do with today’s post; I just wanted to share my Monday morning misfortunes.  Today’s post is about my quest to make my blog awesomesauce.


I mentioned in my February goals post that I also had some blogging goals.  These goals were inspired by Katy Widrick’s 28-Day Blog Challenge.  The point of the challenge is to use February to do all those blog updates and maintenence tasks that you never seem to get around to.  As usual, I’m a few days late to the party, but here’s my list:

Social Media

  1. Update Twitter photo and bio
  2. Update Facebook photo and bio
  3. Update Pinterest photo and bio
  4. Set up Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc
  5. Update Gravatar
  6. Figure out Klout
  7. Create consistency across social media platforms

Blogging – Technical

  1. Add photo and short bio to side bar on blog
  2. Set-up Google Analytics
  3. Learn how to use Google Analytics
  4. Make blog business cards
  5. Update blog header
  6. Update menus/ navigation
  7. Update/ Refine categories
  8. Add hovering “Pin This” button
  9. Add “back to top” button
  10. Backup blog
  11. Create “popular posts” box in side bar
  12. Put toghether a media kit for advertising/ working with brands
  13. Update Plugs-in used
  14. Create design consistency with fonts, color-coding, headers, etc.

Blogging – Content

  1. Create an editorial calendar
  2. Increase posting frequency to twice weekly minimum
  3. Archive recipes from old blogs in ZipList formatting
  4. Create/ update/ enhance recipes page
  5. Update “About” page
  6. Come up with an idea or two for a weekly or monthly post series


  1. Connect with some more Chicago bloggers

Realistically, I won’t get all of these done in Feburary, but it’s a good starting off point.  If I can get even half these things accomplished, I’ll be very pleased.

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