283. Weight Watchers Wednesday: Week 4

Today marks my fourth weigh in with Weight Watchers.  So how did it go?

Last week’s weight: 159.2lbs
This week’s weight: 159.6lbs
Change: +.4lbs

Going into weigh in, I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect.  I had a good week for the most part, but the weekend was a bit of a disaster.  We ate lunch out Saturday and dinner at Chipotle on Sunday.  Saturday night we were at a block party where I definitely over-ate despite my best efforts.  Monday I wasn’t feeling good (potentially from all the garbage I ate over the weekend), so my eats were pretty random through out the day.  However, despite all that I still managed to stay under my weekly allowance and earn 17 activity points.

My other concern going into weigh in was that I had started my period.  Historically during the week of my period, I’m so bloated I weigh anywhere from 5 – 7 pounds more (Seriously, I would go up a pants size practically.)  However, since I stopped taking the pill I don’t experience bloating to nearly the same amount. In any case, I was definitely unsure walking through that door Tuesday evening.

Needless to say the slight gain didn’t bother me much.  Sure, I’m disappointed not to lose more weight, but it’s a negligible gain that is in all likelihood water weigh that will disappear next week as long as I stick to the program.

Next week is my last week before vacation so I’m really hoping to see a definite loose!

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0 thoughts on “283. Weight Watchers Wednesday: Week 4”

  1. I usually gain anywhere from 3-5 lbs during my period, so I feel your pain!! It’s a new week now though and it’s just temporary weight so you know it’ll be gone next week! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the support! I’m definitely not worried or upset about the gain because you’re totally right about it being temporary.

      Of course, my lack of worry/ being upset about gains is also part of my problem. Laura will tell you, I sometimes tend to be too easy on myself. I’m definitely buckling down this week though to make sure that .4 pounds IS temporary.

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