287. Weight Watchers Wednesday: Week 5

Hi friends!  I’m actually currently on a plane en route to NYC for the start of my awesome vacation!  Don’t worry though, I’ve still got a bunch of posts coming at you while I’m gone!

Last week’s weight: 159.6lbs
This week’s weight: 156.4lbs
Change: –3.2lbs


I honestly went into this week with very few expectations.  I’m done with my period so that wasn’t a concern, and I’d had a pretty good week from a food and fitness perspective.  I earned 18 activity points and still had 27 of my weekly points left.  I definitely had some indulgences Thursday and Friday, but I kept it to a minimum.  Thursday was my company’s summer outing which was a lunch cruise and a few hours at the Land Shark beer garden at Navy Pier.  Generally work outings involve a lot of booze, but thanks to last week’s wicked heat wave, I was not in the mood to drink at all.  That saved me a lot of points.  I figured there’d likely be some weight loss as a result, but I wasn’t expecting anything big, and I certainly was not expecting to lose 3.2lbs and hit my 5% mark!

That’s right ladies and gents, I’ve officially hit my first Weight Watchers milestone!  For me 5% wasn’t a whole lot of weight (8lbs), but the accomplishment is nothing to sneeze at considering how much I’ve struggled over the last year to reach my final goal weight.

I won’t be around to weigh in next week, but I will be posting my the strategies I’m planning to employ during my vacation.  And I’m definitely going into this vacation a happy camper!

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0 thoughts on “287. Weight Watchers Wednesday: Week 5”

  1. Ahhhh- congratulations!!!! That 5% is amazing! It makes me so happy that you’re doing so well and feeling so great about it! I hope you have a blast on your vacay!

  2. SO SO SO proud you!!! I love that we joked about this happening the other day, and then it did happen! You are amazing and inspiring me every day.

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