292. Weight Watchers Wednesday: Week #7

Well folks, I’m back from vacation.  I’ve been busy getting caught up on life and work (and I’ve managed to acquire a post travel sinus infection,) but I’m back at it. Did you guys enjoy Laura’s guest posts while I was gone?  She definitely swooped in with some quality content for you all.  Let’s get on with the dreaded post-vacation weigh in shall we?

Last week’s weight: 156.4lbs
This week’s weight: 158.0lbs
Change: +1.6lbs


It comes as no surprise that I’m up this week; however, I was a bit surprised to come in at 158lbs.  I actually expected a larger gain than that – especially since I was at the doctor’s office two hours earlier and weighed in at 159.4lbs!  (Which I think just goes to show you how arbitrary weight can be as a measure of health.  Our weight constantly fluctuates.  Different scales give different readings.  I’m fairly certain I didn’t lose 1.4lbs over the two hours between weighing it at the doctor’s office and weighing in at the meeting.)

Before I get further into my weigh-in expectations, I want to quickly review my strategies for staying on plan (kinda) and how I did.

  • Choose 1 indulgence meal a day.  If I want a big fancy breakfast then I need to have lighter meals at lunch and dinner.  Going in, I pretty much figured I’ll be eating “normally” during the day and indulging more at dinner.  Along with this I want to make my indulgences worth it.  I don’t want to eat things just because they’re there.  I want to enjoy them. Usually it was more like a hearty semi-indulgent breakfast, a light lunch, and dinner in the dining room.  I preferred dinner in the dining room because while it was four course meals and indulgent foods, the portions were proper size.   Plus I thought the food was better than the buffet.  I definitely picked things I wanted to eat.  The boy and I would order different things so we could each try a couple items without getting a plateful.  If I didn’t like something, I didn’t eat it.  Overall, I think I did an excellent job of not eating things just because they were there/ available.   

  • Workout at least three days on the ship. (I need to do this to keep up with my current fitness challenge anyway!) I ran once on the ship and did two days of strength training.  I also ran and did a core workout at the hotel in New York.  We also went snorkeling which was much more exhausting that I expected! (Oh, and we took the stairs 95% of the time too!)
  • Roughly track all my food.  I’m not necessarily going to be counting points on the ship, but I plan to at least write everything down.  I’m pretty good about not over-doing it as long as I’m conscious of what I’m eating.  Writing things down help keep me conscious of what I’m putting in my mouth. I didn’t write down anything; however, I didn’t feel like I needed to.  I wasn’t gorging myself.  I was watching my portions really well – splitting dishes with the boy so I could taste things but not go crazy, only allowing myself one trip to the buffet, eating only half my appetizer or soup knowing I still had my main course and dessert coming.  There was only one day where I really felt like I had over done it.

  • Limit alcohol.  This one is either going to be incredibly easy or incredibly difficult.  Neither the boy nor I are big drinkers to begin with, and he has to limit his alcohol intake due to medication which should make it much easier to limit my intake.  However, I’m sure fruity drinks will abound, and the beverages bill is being footed. This is an area I feel I did really well.  There was only one day where I really over did it, but there were three or four days where I either had one drink or didn’t drink at all.  In part, my drinking was controlled by the heat; when it’s hot out, 99% of the time I prefer to just drink water.  The other part was I just didn’t feel the need to drink just to drink.

  • Try to bring snacks with me one port days.  We’re bring some snacks with us, but I don’t know how long they’ll last. We didn’t bring snacks to port, but we didn’t really need them either.

Truthfully, looking at this, I’m not sure why I was expecting the gain to be so much more than it was.  (Seriously, I was expecting like 5lbs at least.)  Reviewing my goals for the trip, I actually did pretty well.  A 1.6lb gain after a 10 day vacation is pretty minimal.  The food and drinks was definitely atypical for me and higher in calories/ points (which is why I was expecting a gain regardless), but I was pretty active – walking around NYC and the ports, taking the stairs, actual workouts – throughout the vacation (which is probably what limited that gain).  I think we’re just so conditioned to think the worst of ourselves.  The diet mentality that is so engrained in our culture expects perfection so when we deviate from that perfection even a little, we assume the worst.  But at the end of the day, it’s persistence that really pays off not perfection.  No one is perfect, and even if you manage to have a “perfect” day, perfection doesn’t last forever.  It’s really hard to not assume the worst of yourself.  Not to expect perfection.

With any luck next week I’ll weigh-in back at 156!  Until then.

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