305. Weight Watchers Wednesday: Week #11

Last week’s weight: 156.4lbs
This week’s weight: 158.2lbs
Change: +1.8lbs


So, weigh in this week was a bit of a womp, womp moment.  I obviously didn’t hit my 10lb goal this week; however, I’m not really upset about it either for three reasons.

First, when I set my goal, I didn’t think about the fact that this week’s weigh in was immediately following Labor Day weekend spent in Michigan.  I didn’t go buck wild or anything this weekend, but when I’m at the lake I tend to eat a lot of atypical foods.  My meat consumption rises dramatically, and there are a lot more general indulgences (mudslides with banana rum anyone?)  I still ran my 7 miles, and I got a serious upper body workout in the form of hard-core tubing.  I still ate fruits and veggies.  I still watched my portions.  It wasn’t a “bad” weekend by any means.  It was just an abnormal one.

Second, I stepped on my scale at home on Thursday or Friday, and I saw 154.5lbs.  That’s the lowest number I’ve seen on my scale at home so I’m calling that a victory regardless of “official” weigh in.

Finally, the pants I’m wearing today pretty much haven’t fit since I bought them.  I bought them in fall 2009.  They were a bit too tight, but they were on clearance for ridiculously cheap – like $5 or so.  I had been on such a roll, I knew they’d fit shortly.  Of course, that never happened…until now!  They’re still a bit tight, but not uncomfortably so.  I can sit in them no problem.

So while I may not have hit the 10lb mark at weigh in this week, I’ve still got plenty to be happy about.

Next week starts the new session of my Weight Watcher meetings.  Last night we talked about making a fresh start with the program now that fall is here and the summer parties and BBQs are coming to an end.  Maybe I’ll kick off the new session with a 10lbs lost bang!

P.S. There will be no What I Ate Wednesday this week because, well, I’m awful about taking pictures of my eats.  I’ll resume next week!

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0 thoughts on “305. Weight Watchers Wednesday: Week #11”

  1. Great job keeping positive!! When we have a gain on the scale it always helps to look at all the other things that are happening- like your pants, that’s awesome! And I’m sure that weight will come right off next week and you’ll be hitting that 10 lb goal before you know it!!!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I’m usually pretty good and focusing on the non-scale victories and keeping a positive attitude. It is starting to get more difficult for me at this point. 155lbs is definitely a wall for me. It’s where I hit and bounced around during my first go-round with weight loss. I don’t know if it’s a mental block or if it’s something physiological, but I know breaking 155 will be an important turning point for me.

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