306. Basil-licious

Lamest.subject.ever.  Sorry.

I recently got to cross another item off my Mission 101 list.  This was a very small item, but it was a pretty epic item, in my opinion.

You see, I have this dream of one day having a successful garden.  Yes, vision of fresh from the garden cucumbers dance in my head.  I have dreams of a garden like Julie’s.  I don’t think the boy knows this yet, but when I move into his place, my plan is adios hostas (my least favorite plant ever), hellooooo beautiful garden. There’s just one problem.

I am terrible at growing things.

In fact, I’m pretty sure I could kill a cactus with minimal effort.  Back in my last semester of college, my roommate Emily and I (okay, mostly Emily) had a window box full of basil.  We had so much basil we were giving it away.  That seemed easy enough.  Since then I’ve tried to grow basil on three separate occasions, and I have killed basil on three separate occasions.  Last year, I attempted a small container garden on my balcony.  I tried to grow raspberries, zuchinni, and lettuce.  The lettuce grew, but it tasted awful – bitter and meh.  The zuchinni and raspberries started strong, but I never actually got anything off of them before I managed to kill them.  The raspberry bush may still be half alive.  I decided to start small with the goal of keeping a single basil plant alive for at least 1 month.

So when I bought some basil from Target and discovered it included the root system, I decided to try my luck.  Lo and behold, I was actually successful!  I actually managed to keep the little guy alive for over a full month.  Maybe there is hope for me yet!

Funny thing, I wrote this post about two weeks ago.  When I finally got around to taking pictures of my beloved, living basil plant, he was looking a little worse for wear.  I still haven’t quite been able to revive him.  Here’s what he’s currently looks like.

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0 thoughts on “306. Basil-licious”

  1. I named my basil plant something ridiculous and sung him songs every day and he lasted for SEVERAL months until I was like ehhhh, I’m tired of watering you and then he died 🙁 damnnnn

    Having a basil plant is incredible though and I think I need to buy another one.

    1. I’m glad to know I’m not alone in my basil plant plight! I feel like it really shouldn’t be this difficult! And yet my black thumb reigns supreme.

      I also had a cilantro plant, and though I didn’t kill it, it did go to seed or something after like 2 weeks.

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