311. The Good, The Bad, and The Awesome

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Moving right along, on Wednesday I mentioned that I had some really terrible workouts last week.  I didn’t do a good job getting my strength training in, but even more upsetting is the terrible runs I had.

Tuesday I was supposed to run 4 miles, but I only managed to get through 2 before calling it quits because I felt absolutely awful.  I felt slow and sluggish and had some pain to the right of my left hip.  I wanted to keep going, but I had nothing in me.

Thursday I skipped my run all together because I was just feeling miserable.  I couldn’t even convince myself to go for a short run.

Sunday’s long run was a disaster.  I had 8 miles on the training plan, but I decided to run the 9.4 mile loop trail near the boy’s house.  I walked the first half mile to warm up, and by mile 4.5, I was so done.  I ended up calling the boy to pick me up after 5 miles.  I seriously underestimated the intensity of the sun, and the tail I was on is not particularly well shaded at all.  I already get really warm when I’m running, and I may or may not have been on the verge of overheating.  In retrospect, I’m glad I managed to get 5 miles in, but I felt really defeated at the time.

I actually felt like all three of those things were possible.

This week has been a total 360 so far.  I’ve had some of the more amazing runs in my life.  I’ve rocked my strength training.  I’ve felt strong and motivated.  Yesterday I ran, did core work, and did some yoga even though all I wanted to do when I got home from work was park it on the couch.  Tuesday morning, I ran the fastest 3.1 miles of my life!  I have no idea where the sudden speed is coming from, but I’m certainly not complaining about it!

Tuesday, I ran 3.1 miles averaging a 9:25 pace.  Yesterday I rant 2.5 at an average pace of 9:42.  Tuesday I was definitely pushing myself.  It hurt a little, but yesterday I didn’t even realize how fast I was actually moving.  It felt like a perfectly comfortable pace, and I easily could have maintained it for at least another mile.

I don’t really know what changed in the course of two days.  I’m sure it could be one of a million different factors, but either way I’ll take it!  I have a 5K on Saturday.  I was originally planning to take it easy, but given my recent burst of speediness, I’m wondering if maybe there’s a legit 5K PR on the horizon? 

Oh, and one more thing.  I got an email about the 2012 WI Marathon and Half Marathon.  Apparently this year’s cheese medal will double as a bottle opener.  I’m pretty sure the decision to run this race in 2012 has just been made.

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0 thoughts on “311. The Good, The Bad, and The Awesome”

  1. Everyone goes through periods like this. You have bad workouts, you have good workouts. You suddenly are amazing, you suddenly are not amazing. It’s just the ebbs and flows of our bodies.

    BUT I’m glad to hear you are on the up and up now and I hope it continues!

  2. So I read this post in my email and am sad to say I didn’t see the pictures that were included. Now that I am sitting on the couch and trying to decide if running is going to be part of my night. After seeing this, I have decided to go run! Thanks Stina!

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