313. Weight Watchers Wednesday: Session 2 Week 2

Last week’s weight: 156.8lbs
This week’s weight: 155.8lbs
Change: –1lbs
Total Loss: -9lbs, this session: -1lbs


I lost a pound despite a busy weekend of eating away from home and starting my period.  Plus, for the first time since I started Weight Watchers I’ve lost weight two weeks in a row.  My entire tenure with Weight Watchers has been up and down and up and down; my weight loss graph looks like a mountain range.  It can get frustrating even when you’re still at a net loss over all. I’m really happy about all that, but truthfully, the thing I’m happiest about is that I know I worked really hard this week.  Last week I set two goals, and I’m happy to report I did really well on both.

  1. Track absolutely everything.  I’ve gotten pretty lax about tracking on the weekends, and I think this is part of my stress.  If I’m tracking everything then there’s no guessing about whether I was under or exceeding my points (daily, weekly, and activity.)  There’s no room for second guessing myself and whether or not I did my best.
    I didn’t track super diligently over the weekend, but I did attempt to track which is more than I usually do.  When it comes to tracking, I always find myself frustrated and giving up when I have to start guessing at numbers.  If I’m not in charge of food prep – or I’m eating at a restaurant where the nutritional information isn’t available – then I tend to not track.  This weekend I did my best to track despite a going away party, a baby shower, and two dinners out!  My points estimates may not have been perfect, but I did something right.
  2. 2.    Get in my work outs.  I had a bad week for workouts overall last week.  This week is off to a much better start; I plan/ hope to keep that going.
    I scheduled my workouts in my new monthly tracker, and I did all of them.  I didn’t necessarily do them on the originally scheduled day, but I got them done and that’s what really matters.  I also had some really great workouts which is really encouraging after last week’s suck fest.

I really like the weekly goal setting so I’ve decided I’m going to continue to set 2 -3 goals per week.  They not necessarily going to be anything extraordinary, but whatever I feel will best help me stay on track for the week.  So here are this week’s goals:

  1. Keep tracking daily – even if it’s just educated guessing on points values.
  2. Save my weekly allowance points for Saturday.  On Saturday I have a 1st birthday party and a bachelorette party.  I know there will be a ton of food and booze throughout the day, and I won’t have control over much of it at all.
  3. No eating out except for the three already planned events: dinner Thursday night for my youngest brother and sister-in-laws birthdays, the 1st birthday party, and the bachelorette party.

This coming week is definitely going to be a challenge, but I really want to see that 154lbs on the scale next week so I’m going to do my best to really focus.

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0 thoughts on “313. Weight Watchers Wednesday: Session 2 Week 2”

  1. woo hooo!!! This is awesome. You are doing fantastic!

    I somehow gained the pound you lost this week, and I have no idea why, because I track everything I CAN. On weekends when there’s social gatherings/eating out, I try to guess points values, and apparently I’m sucking at it since I gained a pound. Getting SO MAD!!! 🙁

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