315. Weight Watchers Wednesday: Session 2 Week 4

Last week’s weight: 156.2lbs
This week’s weight: 154.2lbs
Change: –2lbs
Total Loss: -10.6lbs, this session: -2.6lbs



You see that? Do you see that number up there?  Do you know what that number means?  It means I could hardly freaking contain my excitement after weighing in at my meeting last night.  It means I finally hit the 10lb lost mark.  It means I got below that 155lbs wall.  And it means I’m currently at my lowest weight since…well, I don’t really know when. 

Commence the dance of joy.

The funny thing is this past week really wasn’t my best week ever.  I tracked everything, but most of it was “after the fact” tracking and a lot of it was educated guesses because I ended up eating out 5 out of 7 days last week! Going in to the week, I had no intention of eating out that much.  I had planned to go out for sushi with my family on Thursday and out for my friend Dan’s birthday on Sunday.  I did not plan to go out for dinner on Wednesday or Friday (before the Hawks games) or eat lunch out on Saturday.

Despite all the eating out, I was actually feeling pretty damn confident heading in to my weigh in this week.  I certainly wasn’t expecting to be a full 2lbs down and well below 155lbs, but I felt like a loss would definitely show up.  I was just feeling it.

Last week when I was up .4lbs (mostly due to bloating…thanks mother nature!), I commented to my leader about how I was getting frustrated because this seems to be the point where I hit a wall, and I just bounce up and down around 155lbs.  She suggested I make some sort of radical change this week, but honestly, short of going vegan, I didn’t really know what kind of radical change to make.  Apparently the secret to weight loss is eating out a lot?  I’m guessing that’s probably not the case, but maybe that was the radical change I needed for this week?

In any case, last night left me feeling really confident and I’m hopeful that I can continue the downward trend.  My next goal is to hit the 10% mark which is 6lbs away.  I’d love to hit that mark by the end of the month, but I think by Thanksgiving is more realistic with the way my weight loss has been going for the last month or so. 

Here are my goals for this week:

Limit eating out to 1 meal for the week: After last week I feel like I need a restaurant detox.  I’m sure we’ll likely go out once (and I have a bachelorette party Saturday night which may end up with eating out)

Keep my points in check on Saturday I want to keep track of points as the night goes on rather than going back Sunday morning and piecing it all together.

Start the closet clean out

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  1. Awesome job, again!!! You are on fire, girl! Keep up the fab work.

    Gotta love how weird our bodies are. Sometimes I guess we REALLY do just need some type of change. Way to go!

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