328. Weight Watchers Wednesday: Session 2 Week I’m not sure anymore…

I’ve been slacking on the Weight Watcher’s Wednesday posts, but I haven’t been slacking on the actual weighing in.  I did skip weigh in on the 8th.  I was already up the previous week, and after a week of crappy eating and lack of motivation to do anything that resembled being a productive, adult human being I just wasn’t up for facing the scale.  Here were my weigh-ins.  One 11/15 I weighed in at 154.6 so I was definitely up the previous week.  I dropped it back down to 154.4 on 11/22 which was last week,

Last week’s weight: 154.4lbs
This week’s weight: 154.4lbs
Change: 0lbs
Total Loss: -10.2lbs, this session: -2.2lbs


Secretly, I was hoping for a loss.  I wanted to be back down at my previously low of 153.8lbs.  However, just maintaining over the Thanksgiving holiday (with two Thanksgiving dinners none the less!) was my much more realistic goal.  And to be honest, I’m incredibly happy I maintained over Thanksgiving.  I’m also very happy with my progress over the last few weeks.  I’ve really picked it up on the tracking.  I tracked both of my Thanksgiving dinners, and all of the eating away from home I did while in Iowa.  Sure, the tracking may not have been precise, and I’m guessing I probably forgot a few things; however, slightly flawed or inaccurate tracking is still better than no tracking at all.  One thing I did over the holiday weekend that I think was a winning strategy was to just create a note in the “memo” app on my phone to jot down the things I was eating.  Weight Watchers does have an app, but honestly, it kind of sucks.  Jotting my food down in memo form was much quicker and easier which translates to me actually doing it.

I hope to be down at least a half pound next week.  It’s going to be a bit of a challenge since the boyfriend and I are taking a little road trip on Saturday, but I’m confident I can do it.

Here’s my goals for the week.

  • Tracking. Every day. No excuses.  I’m going to employee the same memoing strategy while out of town.
  • Running.  Three Days.  No excuses.  I’ve been slacking on the running.  This is not acceptable.  My plan as of today is to run tonight, Saturday morning with the running grup, and Monday after work.
  • Use not more than half my weekly allowance points.  This is really my “challenge” goal here.  There will be a lot of eating out, so I’m sure I’ll be over my daily points several days.  However, I use my activity points first so my goal is to earn enough of those to keep half my weekly allowance intact.

I’m really challenging myself to hit 10% (just over 5lbs more) before the end of the year, and I need to buckle down on these three things in order to make that happen.

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