333. Weight Watchers Wednesday: PointsPlus 2012 Week 1

Last week’s weight: 153.8lbs
This week’s weight: 152.6lbs
Change: –1.2lbs
Total Loss: -12.2lbs, this session: -4.2 lbs


Despite this being my biggest loss in nearly two months, I am having (had) a hard time writing this week’s post.  Even though I felt pretty confident going in to weigh in, I was slightly nervous for two reasons.  First, I started feeling a bit of bloating/ an upset stomach during the afternoon which I feared was going to adversely affect me.  Second, after tracking the vast majority of my weekend points (I know there’s things I forgot,) I actually ended up in the red.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m super excited to be at my *new* lowest weight, but I finished the week in the red and still lost?  That didn’t seem right to me.   However, as I’ve thought about it I think the key is that I really stuck to my goals this week.

  1. Stick to my 26 point daily target. This actually wasn’t as much of a challenge as I was expecting on “normal” days.  I just focused on eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and other power foods.  I will say it’s next to impossible to stick to 26 points if there is any “splurging,” but that’s what the weekly points allowance and activity points are for isn’t it.
  2. Track daily. The only day I know there are some gaps is Sunday when we were building gingerbread houses.  There was definitely some candy that went unaccounted for.
  3. Minimum 35 servings of fruits and veggies. Nailed it with 40 servings
  4. Run three days. I actually only ran twice, but that’s still better than nothing.
  5. Incorporate 1 other workout. I did do some mini strength training sessions throughout the week.

I think the tracking (d’uh) and sticking to 26 points daily is what really did it for me.  When I really thought about it, 5 days of eating 26 daily points did save me 15 points over the course of the week.  So even though I was in the red based on my daily total of 26, I would have been around the brake even point if I’d been targeting 29 points daily.  I was losing at 29 points (when I was tracking diligently and working hard,) but  I stuck with the 26 in an effort to meet my more aggressive year end goal.  So I guess the loss it’s as big of a shock as it originally seemed.

This is a busy week with a lot of holiday festivities going on so I’m keeping my goals simple.  My goals for this week are as follows:

  1. Earn at least 25 activity points
  2. Track all but Saturday.  We have three Christmas parties on Saturday so I’m giving myself a “free day.”  I still plan to write things down and plug them into the tracker, but I’m going to cut myself a little bit of slack.
  3. Stick to the 26 daily points again

Here’s to another slammin loss next week!


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