336. Weight Watchers Wednesday: PointsPlus 2012 Week 4

Last week’s weight: 153lbs
This week’s weight: 152.4lbs
Change: –.6lbs
Total Loss: -12.4lbs, this session: -4.4. lbs


I’d like to say that this loss is a result of being exceedingly focused and disciplined over the last two weeks, but truth be told, that’s more than likely a lie.  I’m fairly certain the loss is a direct result of dehydration and lack of food thanks to being sick as a dog over the weekend.  Today is the first day I feel truly human since last Friday.  (This is also part of the reason for the complete lack of 2011 review/ 2012 goals posts.  The other part of that is I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about myself, my blog, and my goals.)  So, while I’ll gladly accept this loss, I don’t feel like I can really take credit for it.

There were definitely positives and negatives over the last two weeks.

+     I did track at least some of my food every day.

–          I didn’t do as well with the booze control as I would have liked.  (Especially on NYE)

+     I got back in the gym (thanks to it finally opening!)  I had my first session with my trainer last Thursday, and I tried a new class (kettlebell intervals) which definitely left me extra sore this past weekend!  I definitely got some quality activity points in.

+     I did really well avoiding all of the sweets and treats that came into the office.  I only “cracked” once.  Considering the amount of stuff that comes through my office throughout the month of December, this is quite a feat.

–          I definitely got a bit out of control with my snacking and indulgences between Christmas and New Year’s.  This was partially due to PMS but I definitely could have controlled myself better – or gotten rid of the temptation (aka stocking full of candy.)  This led me to being over my points on several days.

Despite how terrible being sick actually was, I’m kind of grateful for it.  In a way, it was sort of a forced restart.  With all the indulgences of the holidays – even when you practice moderation and rein it in – it can still be hard to “get back on track.”  I’ve found that when it comes to junk food, particularly sugar, the more I have it, the more I want it.  If I can kick the sweets for a few days, I become uninterested in them.  I wasn’t interested in food of any sort on Sunday, Monday and most of Tuesday so I really feel like I have a “clean slate” for the New Year.

So while I don’t feel I can claim credit for this week’s loss, I do plan to claim credit for keeping it off come weigh in next week.  I also plan to lose a little more next week.  I’m focusing on the idea of a clean slate and getting back to basics with a few small goals this week.

  1. 5 servings of fruits and veggies per day – minimum
  2. Attend 1 class at the gym, do one strength training session, and run my long run
  3. Track daily
  4. Drink a minimum of 80 ounces of water on Saturday and Sunday.  I’m great at drinking water during the week, but I always slack on the weekends.

Next week is the final meeting of this session so I’d love to end it with at least 5 lbs lost for the session.


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0 thoughts on “336. Weight Watchers Wednesday: PointsPlus 2012 Week 4”

  1. Whoooo! You should be way more excited, this is your lowest weight isn’t it? By -0.2 pound right??! I’m so proud of you!!! That’s freaking awesome.

    1. Believe it or not, I actually didn’t realize that. I was thinking I was just back to where I was two weeks ago, but you’re right! This is a new low by .2lbs! It’s a good thing one of us is paying attention! (I’m going to blame it on the fact that I still wasn’ 100% when I weighed-in. :))

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