340. Goals, Goals, Goals: 2012 Verb

It only took 10 days, but I’ve finally decided on my 2012 verb.  Since I hadn’t planned on choosing a verb again this year, I really hadn’t put any thought into it until last week.  Prior to that, I had developed some very specific goals for the year.   I looked at those goals to try and distinguish a common theme.  I also thought about 2011: the ways I grew and change throughout the course of the year and how I wanted to carry that over into 2012.

As I pondered, it became increasingly clear what I wanted 2012 to be all about.  I wanted 2012 to be about learning and growing, expanding my horizons, testing my limits, and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, taking on things that scare me and trying new things.

I actually had a difficult time settling on a single verb, but ultimately it boiled down to one: DARE.

verbal auxiliary

: to be sufficiently courageous to

intransitive verb

: to have sufficient courage

transitive verb


a: to challenge to perform an action especially as a proof of courage

b: to confront boldly : defy


: to have the courage to contend against, venture, or try

From Merriam-Webster

2012 will be the year I dare myself to take on new experiences, to push myself further, to move beyond my comfort zone, and to have the courage to do things I never thought I’d do.  You know, like sign up for a marathon.

Of course there are other things I will dare to do this year: reach my goal weight, try something different with my running, become a Weight Watchers Lifetime member, stick to a strength training routine, volunteer my time, finish out items on my mission 101 list, and so much more!


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    1. You can request all you want. I promise nothing. 😉

      I do intend to try and keep my verb a little more “forefront” in my mind this year though so assuming that happens, your request should be granted. I am planning on making myself a vision board around this goal to hang in my office.

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