345. Weight Watchers Wednesday: PointsPlus 2012 Week 8

Last week’s weight: 153.8lbs
This week’s weight: 153.lbs
Change: –.8lbs
Total Loss: -11.8lbs, this session: -3.8 lbs


I didn’t do a weigh in post last week because my usual meeting was cancelled.  I did attend a meeting on Friday afternoon and weigh in there so that’s where the 153.8 above comes from.  I was absolutely thrilled to see 153 again.  I honestly went in to weigh in feeling a bit pessimistic.  I’ve been ravenous pretty much since I stopped being sick, and especially this past weekend after running my half.  I ate a lot this weekend, and I ate out a lot.  Even though I rocked out 55 activity points for the week (21 alone during my half on Saturday!) and barely even touched my weekly points, you can never be sure how you’re body is going to react to that much activity and that much eating out.

I’m still not back down to my lowest, but I’m close.  And I’m absolutely thrilled to finally see a loss again.  I only actually gained less than 1.5 pounds, but it’s still frustrating to see +.4, +.2, +.6 week after week.  I know there could be a million and one different reasons for those tiny gains.  It could be that I upped my workout frequency and intensity a lot in January.  It could be that I was sick a lot in January and surviving on less than desirable foods.  It could be that I started doing a lot more weight training in January.  Hell, it could be that I actually legitimately gained that much weight in January.   Regardless of the reason, I’m glad to start February on a high note, and I am definitely riding high on a wave of both running and weight loss momentum right now.

My goals for this week are kind of goals kind of just a schedule for myself.

  • Fitness
    • Run Thursday (3 miles treadmill) and strength training (core)
    • Run Saturday (8 miles)
    • Spin Sunday and strength training (upper body)
  • Food
    • Track 7 days (particularly Super Bowl)
    • 2 beers max on Super Bowl Sunday
    • Eat out 2 times max

One of my February goals (which will be posted this afternoon) is to drop 5 pounds this month.  It’s an ambitious goal considering my average rate of loss, but like I said, I’m riding high on motivation and momentum right now.  I want to really make the most of this!

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