A Super Quick Update to say, “I’m Back!”

I never really intended it, but blogging took a definite back seat to wedding planning during the month of November. Having a wicked upper respiratory infection didn’t help either. But the wedding is officially done and gone (minus a small issue I’m currently having with the caterer,) and I’m back to blogging as a Mrs.

We’re not going on our honeymoon until June, but we are taking a long weekend downtown to hit up some of the Chicago breweries and maybe pretend to be tourists.

Now that the wedding is done, I’ve started working on my goals for 2015. I’ve been working with Nicole Antoinette’s, from Life Less Bullshit, 2015 goal-setting e-kit to get my 2015 goals in order. Right now I’m really looking toward focusing my energies on developing some of my hobbies – crafting, sewing, painting, which is something I’ve really gotten into lately. I’m hoping to really make next year (and our first year of marriage) spectacular!

I’ll be posting a full list of my goals closer to the end of the year, but in the meantime, you should check out the goal planning e-kit because it’s pretty fantastic so far.

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