Adventures in Dentistry

Today I get to do something new and probably not very exciting.  Today I’m off to the endodontist.  Not to be confused with a dentist or an orthodontist, because I’m pretty sure this guy will be much less fun than those two combined, the endodontist is the guy who tells me whether or not I need a root canal.

Late last week my tooth started to feel really sensitive to cold and it hurt when I chewed on the left side of my mouth. I called and scheduled a dentist appointment for Monday.  Of course, by Saturday night, the pain had gone from minor annoyance to the worst pain my mouth had ever felt…no joke.

I went to the dentist Monday afternoon, and in true Stina fashion, my symptoms were bass-ackward and indicative of absolutely nothing.  She took x-rays, removed an old filling, and then referred me to an endodontist.  She seemed pretty sure I was going to need a root canal.

The upside of my current dental disaster, it makes biting my nails extremely painful so they’re growing quite nicely.

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