Adventures of a Trail Runner: Frigid Fanny 5K Recap

My inner monologue during the Muddy Monk Frigid Fanny 5K

Waiting to start

Holy shit it’s cold out. What the hell was I thinking?

Mile 1
Oh my god, my legs are cold.

Oh man, this frozen, unforgiving ground is going to wreak havoc on my ankles.

Dear muscles, please warm up and stop hurting

Stopping, why are we stopping? Oh, we’re crawling over, under, between tree branched. Cool. Nice break.

Seriously buddy, stop complaining about stopping. If you were that concerned with time, you should have started at the front.

Lungs: angry. Leg muscles: angry.  It is so cold. Why did I think this was a good idea?

Mile 2

I should really invest in some better/ warmer gloves for winter running. I guess I’ll just wear two pairs for now…

Ugh, hills, why are there so many hills? I really need to start doing more training on trails.

Lungs: less angry. Leg muscles: still angry.

Oh hey, my shoes aren’t bothering me this time. Crap! Why did I think that? I totally just jinxed myself.

Mile 3
Really, we’re just now at mile three? Oh well. One mile left, thank God.

More hills. Im not sure what I hate more going uphill or downhill…

Uphill. Definitely uphill. This sucks.  I should really start doing more training runs on trails.

I’m finally warming up. My legs aren’t hurting as bad. My shoes aren’t bothering me. This is awesome!

Oh oh, I see the finish line. Hooray! Oh wait, we’re running away from the finish line. Of course. Why do race directors always tease us?!

Seriously, I need to go under that tree branch? My legs are not interested in bending that much right now.  Maybe I should just crawl…

Crossing the finish line

frigid fanny 5K finish

Victory!!  Bring on the free beer!

It’s too cold to stand around…I’m going home.  Hot shower here I come!

Overall, I had a great time despite the freezing temperatures.  I guess it could have been worse though.  The high today was like 5°, so I guess 22° wasn’t terrible  My official finish time was 36:42.8.  I finished exactly 7 seconds slower than the Shiller Chiller, but considering how freakin cold it was and how much my leg muscles were protesting, I’m more than okay with that.  Also, my training for this race, pretty much non-existant.  I’ve been running a bit more frequently, but actual training, ha! 

I will be picking up the training though.  April is the Muddy Monk Double Down which is a 10K or 20K.  The cool thing about this race is you don’t have to decide which distance you’re doing until you finish the 10K.  You can stop there or double down for the 20K.  Right now, my goal is to do the 20K, but if I want to successfully run 20K (which is basically a half marathon) on the trails, I need to start training for real including doing my long runs on actual trails not just the roads.

Trail running is definitely more physically taxing than regular old road running.  Navigating the terrain definitely requires extra coordination, flexibility, and overall fitness so I need to train accordingly.

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