Another Post In Which I Recommit to Weight Loss (September Goals)

So here’s the thing you may or may not know about losing weight: it is exhausting.  Sometimes it’s physically exhausting, but most of the time it’s mentally exhausting.

It always starts off great with a flurry of drive and focus and motivation.  Habits are built.  Lifestyle changes are made.  Pounds come off quickly(-ish).

But over time, things get harder.  The habits and changes stick with you, but the diligent tracking becomes tedious.  You hit the dreaded plateau.  The pounds come off more slowly.  The close you get to your goal, the harder it seems to get.  Your drive and focus and motivation fade, and it’s everything you can do to make yourself stick to the plan. Or maybe that’s just me…

And then there are the moments of renewed commitment, usually as a direct result of some catalyst – stepping on the scale, a pair of pants that are getting just a bit too tight, shopping… but the longer I’ve been at it the shorter those bursts of new motivation seem to be.  It’s become a vicious cycle, and so here I am once again putting myself in the weight loss mindset and recommitting…again.

And with this recommitment comes setting monthly goals…

September Goals

  1. No Booze* – My drinking is August was out of control.  Don’t worry, it wasn’t out of control in a someone direct me to my nearest AA meeting kind of way.  I just did a lot of it.  There were a lot of birthday parties and special events and enjoying beer in August.  I can tell all that booze has left me bloated and very negatively impacted my waistline.
    *The one exception being made is for my trip to HLS.
  2. Yoga once a week
  3. Spin class twice during the month
  4. Run once a week
  5. Lift once a week
  6. Track 6 out of 7 days. – Tracking has always been the biggest key to my success and yet it’s the thing I’m laziest about.

So there you have it.  I made my goals small but managable, if not too easy even.  If I manage to stick to these goals, I’m going to finally buy myself a damn foam roller.  I want one and really could use one, but I’m just so damn cheap sometimes I can’t bring myself to spend like $30 or $40 or whatever on a piece of hard-ish foam depite knowing it will probably make a huge difference in the constant tightness of my hamstrings.


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3 thoughts on “Another Post In Which I Recommit to Weight Loss (September Goals)”

  1. Oh man, my foam roller has been one of the best things I’ve bought since I started running! I have issues with my calves getting too tight and the foam roller has helped so much with that. I swear by it.

    1. Ev-ery-one tells me this and yet I’m still so hesitant to buy one because they just seem so.damn.expensive. considering it’s a piece of foam. If I earn it though, I have no excuses.

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