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Twosday IV: on Wednesday

TV Shows I Waited WAY TOO LONG to Start Watching

  1. @midnight. – I don’t know why it took me so long to start watching this since I love all things Nerdist. (I had an epic crush on Chris Hardwick back before he was king of the nerds and hosting Singled Out.) This show is beyond hilarious.  I’ve laughed out loud through every episode I’ve watched.
  2. House of Cards. – Political dramas aren’t really my thing so while this show has been on my to watch list for a while now, it hasn’t been a priority.  We’re three episodes in now though, and I’m hooked.  Kevin Spacey is amazing.

Podcasts I Waited WAY TOO LONG to Start Listening

  1. NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour – I actually tried to listen to this one in that past because I know many people who love it, but I struggled to get in to it.  I now realized my problem was I was listening to old episodes.  Pop culture is decidedly less interesting when it’s not timely.
  2. NPR’s Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me – This is actually part of an effort I’m making to keep up with the news.  I’m now completely hooked, and really want to go see this live.  (I work 2 blocks from the theather and regularly go to the building to get India food for lunch.)

TV Shows I’m Super Excited About a New Season

  1. Orphan Black – I started watching this show completely on a whim.  It airs on Saturday night after Doctor Who so we’d seen commercials for it, but never actually watched. I couldn’t find it on any streaming platforms so I ended up actually getting the DVDs through Netflix.  We were hooked on the first episode.  The new season starts April 19th (10 days!!).  Oh and if you’re interested (and you should be!) Season 1 is now available through Amazon Prime Instant Video.
  2. Doctor Who – I love Doctor Who, and I’m excited to start the adventure with a new Doctor.

Weekend Events Un-Related to TV (and Unintentionally Related) to the Wedding that I’m Super Excited About

  1. The engagement party his family is throwing for us.  Despite my feelings that it’s probably not necessary to have an engagement party 4 months into an 11 month engagement, it will be really nice to have all of our family together in one place.
  2. Going dress shopping with my brideslaves, er, bridesmaids.  Since my sister-in-law (and co-Matron of honor) will be in town for the engagement party, I decided to round up the rest of my local girls to go dress shopping.  I’m mostly just excited to hang out with everyone.  The dress shopping is kind of secondary to that.

Signs Spring Might Actually be Arriving in Chicago…Maybe.

  1. gladiolas
    These gladiolas starting to pop through in my sad, sad flower bed.
  2. I went for a run after work yesterday in just capris and a t-shirt!

Twosday: Running

New pairs of running shoes purchased in the last week:

  1. New Balance Minimus: When I bought the Muddy Monk Season Pass for this year, I went out and bought a pair of trail running shoes.  Except for the blister I got when I made the mistake of wearing them for the first time at a race, they have been awesome shoes.  However, they’re kind of heavy, and as I discovered during the Muddy Monk Double Down (which I’m just now realizing I never posted the recap for…) they are extremely heavy when soaking wet.
    minimus I ran in them on Saturday, and I’m happy with them so far.
  2. Vibrams: I’m pretty skeptical of the whole barefoot running movement, but that does mean I haven’t been curious about these creepy toe shoes.  So when my friend Scott posted a link to Vibrams for $30 at the REI Outlet website, I couldn’t pass them up.  I’m not willing to spend $80 – $90 to give these shoes a try, but $30 I can handle.  I actually really want to wear them for the Warrior Dash in June, and if that works out, Pretty Muddy in September.
    vibrams I should get these on Wednesday or Thursday.

Signs I might have a racing problem:

  1. I signed up for two races on the same day, and then I nearly did it again.
  2. I’m signed up for 4 races in the month of June.  This would be one every weekend except the Run for Boston 5K and Warrior Dash are in the same weekend.  I’m hopeful I will survive.

Running apparel I’m lusting after:

  1. This Better Than Naked running jacket from The North Face: I really need a spring/ fall running jacket that is wind and water resistant, but I’m cheap.  I have a hard time spending $130 on any article of clothing – let alone a running jacket that will be used pretty sporadically.  However, it just so happens I have a birthday coming up and parents who love me dearly.  As such, this jacket will soon be mine.
  2. A pair of running shorts that are comfortable!  I hate shorts.  I just don’t find them comfortable to wear – physically that is – it’s not a self conscious thing.  I hate the feeling of fabric bunched up in my unmentionables area.  Last week I bought what can only be described as hot pants from Old Navy in hopes that those would be better than typical running shorts.  They’re better, but I’m still not a fan.  I might just have to accept that shorts just aren’t in the cards for me.

Races I’m REALLY looking forward to:

  1. Run for Boston 5K – I’m just so amazed by the people from Chicago Running Bloggers and Muddy Monk and their efforts in getting this race organized and publicized and sponsored.  Today the Chicago Tribune ran an article about the race.
  2. Zooma Women’s Race Half Marathon – I actually never had any intention of running this race until last week when Mindy tweeted about coming to Chicago to run it.  I decided to run with her and to make this a goal race.  Mindy is speedier than me (though not insanely so) so I’m hoping she can help pace me to a PR

Other Running Related Items to Note:

  1. I created a new/ updated running page.  I realized I’ve been pretty terrible about writing race recaps and even keeping track of the races I’ve run and my finish times.  Thank god for the interwebs,  I was able to find the majority of my times online.
    1B.  I imported all the posts from my old blog Girl Can.  When I originally started Running in Chucks, I wanted a clean slate, but I also missed being able to link to old content – particularly running related content like race recaps and my marathon training posts.
  2. I started tracking my work-outs on Daily Mile again.  I prefer the RunKeeper app to the Daily Mile compatible app I’ve started using, but I missed the community of Daily Mile.  I also missed the blog widget – lame I know.  We’ll see.  I may just use both.
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