DietBet: Halfway There Check In

So I’m officially at the halfway mark of the FitFluential DietBet.

My official starting weight was 165.6lbs, and my goal is 159lbs. As you might remember, my biggest concern was that 4% seemed like a lot of weight for me to lose in 4 weeks, but I’m pleased to announce that I’m more than halfway there! As of this morning, I’m at 161lbs!

A major fact has definitely been getting back into the weight loss mindset, but I’m surprised by how much the DietBet itself has actually motivated me. I don’t generally don’t find myself very extrinisically motivated so while I was expecting some level of motivation to come out of signing up for the DietBet, I really didn’t expect it to have as much impact as it has.

One thing that bothers me, on a big picture level, about the whole thing is the unofficial weigh ins, and the fact that some people were at 100% of their goal by day 2. I don’t pay much attention to the message board, but I could see that being very frustrating or discouraging to people who are just starting to get healthy and lose weight.

So hopefully with a bit more focus and hard work, I can drop that remaining 2.8lbs and collect my winnings in 2 more weeks. Right now I’m debating between rolling the money over into a new bet when this one ends and spending my winnings on some new workout clothes or something exciting.

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4 thoughts on “DietBet: Halfway There Check In”

  1. Good job Stina! I def think you can do it!

    I may have to join you on the next dietbet because it really seems like it got you motivated and I need that motivation!

    1. Thanks! I’ve definitely found it motivating so far. I’m just really not interested in giving up my $25!! I’m sure it’s not for everyone, but I think it’s worth trying at least once.

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