Eating Old Jerky (Probably) Won’t Kill You…

…and Other Lessons Learned at HLS13 Thus Far

Lesson #1: The Megabus and I are not friends.  I decided to take the Megabus because I was round trip tickets for $30 ($5 here and $25 home).  I couldn’t drive out of Illinois for $30 let alone all the way to Minneapolis so that was pretty much a no-brainer.  Apparently as I’ve gotten older though my car sickness has intensified as I spent the entire 8.5 hour trip wanting to barf.  Within 2 hours of leaving, I’d already booked a flight home on Spirit.  The bus wasn’t terrible otherwise, but I was not going to survive another 8.5 hours of nausea.

Minneapolis run

(Photo Courtesy of Laura)

Lesson #2: The running trails in Minneapolis are…interesting.  One of the guest services people at the hotel gave Laura and I directions to running trails.  We listened, but didn’t take notes or write anything down.  We weren’t ever really lost, but we certainly didn’t really know where we were.  The areas these trails went were a little sketch feeling.  At once point we were running under the highway in a creepy little viaduct area.  We did see some sweet sculptures in the sculpture garden though.  All in all, not my favorite running route ever.

Minneapolis Cherry Sculpture

(Photo courtesy of Laura)

Lesson #3: Dunn Bros Coffee – just do it.  After our run, we went on the hunt for breakfast.  I’d seen someone tweet about having been to Dunn Bros. twice already so when we saw it, I suggested we go it.  Let me tell you, it was our best decision thus far.  I had an bacon egg and cheese biscuit sandwich, and it was probably the best breakfast sandwich I’ve ever eaten.  Ever.  And I’m pretty much a breakfast sandwich connoisseur.

Dunn Bros Breakfast Sammie

(Photo courtesy of Laura)

Lesson #4: Eating year old Perky Jerky turkey jerky won’t kill you.  (Probably.)  Wednesday night I went to Target for some last minute supplies and snacks.  I grabbed two bags of Perk Jerky’s turkey jerky.  I ate maybe half the bag on the bus yesterday, and then Laura finished it today.  As she was finishing it, she noticed the “Best By” date on the bag was October 2012…ummmm, what?!  I tweeted about it, and they responded asking me to message them to get them replaced so yay for that!  Oh and neither of us have died yet so I think we’re okay…

P.S. I will be live Tweeting the Blogger Self Care Session tomorrow from 3:35 – 4:20 and Laura will be live blogging it so make sure you follow me on Twitter @runningnchucks and her blog Odd Duck Blog

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