February Goals

January was a really great month. Aside from choosing my verb, I didn’t set any goals for myself, but I feel like I was really successful. After switching my mindset back into weight loss mode, I’ve managed to lose more weight in the last three weeks than I have in the last three months. I’ve been tracking really well and working out on the regular. I’ve also been doing a great job of maintaining variety and balance in my works out. I try to run (from zombies of course) once a week; I’ve been going to spin on Thursdays, doing yoga at home (thank you $10/ month yogadownload.com membership) several times a week, and making it to the gym to lift at least twice a week. Bottom line, I’m feeling awesome, and I want to carry this momentum into and through February.

The biggest challenge in February will be the week long road trip we’re taking in the middle of the month. There will definitely be a lot of indulgence – we’re stopping in Memphis on the way home where I plan to eat my weight in BBQ – but I’m already working on strategies to limit the damage to both my waistline and our wallets really.

So February goals, here we go.

Track. I’ve had a great tracking streak going. I’ve tracked almost three weeks straight. My goal for February is to track every day to the best of my ability. I know tracking is a huge key to success for me, and part of switching in to weight loss mode has been a real commitment to just sucking it up and tracking. I have the WW mobile app and plan to grab a paper tracker before leaving on vacation so there’s no excuses.

Workout at least three times on vacation. My plan is to scope out gyms in the towns we’re staying to and try to workout there on a visitor pass. I’m also planning to download some of my favorite classes from YogaDownload and bring them with on my iPod. At home I’m planning to just stick to the schedule I’ve been rocking for the past couple weeks.

Choose wisely. Basically this is my goal of indulging in moderation. I know there’s going to be a lot of eating out and indulging on vacation so my goal is to eliminate eating out as much as possible outside of vacation – no buying breakfast or lunch at work, and only going out to dinner under special circumstances (not just because I don’t feel like cooking.) I also want to pack a cooler for vacation so we have lots of road trip snacks and even breakfasts or lunches on the road. I want my meals and indulgences to be worth it – the aforementioned eating my weight in BBQ rather than fast food stops on the road because we’re starving.

And my reward for kicking ass and taking names (aka an 80% success rate), is a pair of cycling shoes.  The instructor for the class I’ve been doing keeps recommending I invest in a pair of cycling shoes, and I would really like to get some because I feel like it would help my workouts tremendously.  (Plus, I can buy pedals for my bike down the road, and using the shoes for all the biking Nik and I do in the summer and fall months.)  However, they’re $100 bucks and not strictly necessary so I’m going to make myself earn them.

I also have a couple blogging goals for the month of February – specifically up my posting to twice weekly and learn how the hell to use Google Analytics (If you’ve got a good resource, please share!), but I’m not going to include those in the reward because I’m not entirely sure what I’m getting myself into there.

So wish me luck, and tell me, what are you goals for February?

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    1. Step 1 was getting it installed properly on my blog, and oh hey! There’s a plug-in for that. Not sure why it took me THIS long to consider looking for a plug-in! Haha. Oh well. At least I’ve got that working now! 🙂

      I was definitely planning on consulting Katy’s blog first and then the HLB BTT archives from there!
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