Food Truck Friday: Donut Vault

Sticking with last week’s theme, it’s once again Food Truck Friday! (Note: now that operation Fit in My Damn Dress is in full force – more on that next week – this will probably be a monthly post rather than weekly.)

The food truck du jour? Donut Vault!


I had actually been meaning to try these guys for a while now. Donuts may be the new cupcake, but I have a long history of loving donuts so I’m not upset about it. In fact I love donuts si much we’re serving then instead of cake at our wedding!  Anyway on to Donut Vault.

This truck is actually parked along my route to work at least once a week. I typically resist, but my coworker and i had been taking about Donut Vault the day before so I obviously had to do for a Friday treat! All of their donuts are old fashion style so I grabbed the Lemon Poppyseed and Toasted Almond to share.


At $2 each these donuts weren’t cheap, but damn were they good. The lemon poppyseed might just be the best lemon flavored pastry I’ve ever eaten. It was strong but still sweet. The toasted almond was good but kind of paled compared to the lemon.

Neither my wallet nor waistline need me to stop here regularly, but it’s definitely a treat yo’self stop.

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