Happiness Highlights I

My friend Jessica over at Bliss & Balance does a weekly post highlighting the little things that made her happy in the previous week.  (By the way, Jessica will be presenting on blogger self-care and staying happy during HLS in September.)  I love the idea, and I’ve got a lot of things I’m really happy about today so I’m going to take some inspiration from her and write them down!

  • I got a 116% in my Intro to Business class!  Honestly, it really wasn’t hard; a lot of the assignments were option, and you only needed 800 (out of 1,025 possible) points to get an A.  I definitely slacked on an entire unit, but overall, I really did work hard.  And I did go back and read the stuff I “missed” during the unit I slacked on! 
  • I just bought a pair of short I actually like – maybe even love! – from Old Navy.  (I was slightly less happy when I went online to find a picture only to discover they were $5 cheaper online than I paid in store.  They seem to be out of stock online though so I’m happy again.)  I didn’t even go looking for shorts, but I loved the print so I tried them on.  This is the first pair of shorts that I’ve tried on and actually liked in probably 10 years.
    Old Nacy Shorts
  • My Erin Condren Life Planner was (finally!) delivered today!  After seeing many a blogger rave about how wonderful the Erin Condren Life Planners are, I finally sucked it up and dropped the cash for one.  I was extremely hesitant because I’ve bought a ton of different planners in the past and never really found one I liked and stuck with.  At $55 a pop, the Life Planners ain’t cheap, but Sarah sold me when she said this is really the first planner that’s ever successfully kept her organized.
  • My surprise party this past weekend was a success!  He had no idea I was planning a party for him and was truly surprised!
  • I had a really delicious Maple Bacon Donut from Do-Rite Donuts today.  It’s between my office and Old Navy so I stopped and grabbed one on my way back to the office.  (Though admittedly, I wish I waited until tomorrow to get their Campfire Smore’s donut!)
  • I bought Book of Mormon tickets for Nik and I for his birthday.  I saw it back in February “with” my family, and Nik was rather upset I went without him.  I’ve been talking about getting us tickets ever since, but never executed the plan.  I finally went ahead and bought tickets to go see it on his birthday.
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