Happiness Highlights II

So I decided to do my Happiness Highlights as a weekly wrap-up of sorts on Fridays instead of posting on Mondays.  Also, some of these date back more that this week. Here we go…

  • I finally got a new phone last night!  My HTC was still working pretty well, but the phone itself was completely out of memory and the battery was shot.  I was pretty much counting down the days until October 1 when I qualified for an upgrade.  We went last night and I, after a great deal of debate, got the Galaxy S4.  So far, I’m loving it.  I just need the case I ordered to arrive because this phone is so thin and light and smooth I’m not entire convince I won’t somehow manage to break it before Tuesday.
  • Nik’s brother moved out so we have a guest room now (or we will once we pain and crap)!  His brother living there was never really a big issue since he was rarely there, but I’m really excited to have the extra space.  The house is not really big enough for three grown-ass people to live in it.
  • I bought a new sewing machine and a craft cart/ table so I can have a dedicated crafting space now that we’ve got extra room.  The sewing machine was actually an unplanned bonus because Walmart was selling the craft cart I wanted as part of a bundle with the sewing machine for $10 more than Target wanted for just the cart.  I hate Walmart, but I couldn’t pass it up.  Especially since it was a legit sewing machine.  I can’t wait to get my craft on!
  • October 1st is one of our top 5 busiest days at work.  I was so on the ball last week that I actually managed to leave work early last Friday because everything was done.  On top of leaving early I also bound the new account I’ve worked on solo.  This is a pretty big victory considering I’ve been pushing for and working hard towards more responsibility.
  • Hockey season is back!  And my beloved Blackhawks won their home opener…after raising their Stanley Cup banner.

Happier moments from 9/20/13 – 10/3/13

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