Happiness Highlights III

The last week has been the kind of week were I actually had to take a day off work to run errands and do stuff.  It’s the kind of week you need some happiness highlights.

  • I missed my happiness highlights post last week because I was out making happy highlights!  I was out at Starved Rock State Park hiking (knocking an item off my fall bucket list) and celebrating the wedding of two of my longtime friends.
  • I danced so much at the wedding my legs were sore for about two days! (Though to be fair, the trip to the gym that morning and the hiking probably didn’t help my cause.)
  • I picked up my craft table so I can finally get on some sewing projects.
  • Nik’s brother returned from over seas not long again and last weekend he surprised everyone by coming home for the weekend!
  • We also got to see Nik’s sister and her boyfriend who were in town.
  • Maxwell may or may not have picked up some fleas (not a happiness highlight at all), but he was an absolute angel when I gave him his flea bath.  He hates being wet and it usually takes two of us to bathe him (Yes, it takes two people to bathe my 15lb dog…) because he panics and tries to escape the tub.  Today he actually let me bath him with no problems.
  • The “soundtrack” from the aforementioned wedding.  It’s, as the sleeve said, “a good playlist…and thorough.”  It’s mellow and focused on love songs but still upbeat and not cheesy. And it has “The Underdog” by Spoon on it which is probably one of my favorite songs ever.
  • I picked up the knitting needles again and I’m making some progress on some projects I started last year.
  • Buying a new pair of boots was on my to do list for the fall.  Today I got two pairs and a pair of heels from Kohl’s for crazy cheap (like $86 for all three pairs cheap!)



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