I’m a Kitchen Ninja

I started this post two weeks ago, but then some very stressful life stuff came up.  The kind I’m not going to share with the entire interwebs.  Things are all better now though.

Disclaimer: I received a Ninja Ultima free in exchange for a review.  As always, all thoughts and options are my own.

Way back in September, at the Healthy Living Summit in Minneapolis, I got the opportunity to hook up with the people over at Ninja Kitchen and try out their Ninja Ultima blender to review for all of you.  Then I promptly became an epic blog slacker….it happens.  But I freaking love this blender so better late than never, right?


To be totally honest, left to my own decision making skills, I would have lived a sad Ninja-less existence.  I had a perfectly functional Kitchen-Aid blender, and the Ninja Ultima is not the cheapest blender on the block (though it’s certainly not the most expensive either!) Having used the blender, I would certainly purchase one on my own, and I would definitely recommend the Ninja brand to others.

So what are some of the things I’ve made with my Ninja so far?  Well, in no particular order (and not an all inclusive list…)

  •  Creamy Cauliflower Sauce from A Pinch of Yum
  • Waffle batter
  • Tomato Soup from Eat Live Run (I did make grilled cheese too, but not in the blender)
  • The creamiest cheese sauce for mac and cheese I’ve ever made in my life…
  • Pumpkin pie filling
  • So.Many.Smoothies.  The single serving cups that come with the blender are absolutely perfect for smoothie making.  So much more effective than the Magic Bullet and so much less clean up than using a normal blender.
  • This potato soup from Weight Watchers.
  • Green juice though this was probably my least favorite since I’m not a fan of pulpy juice, but if you don’t mind pulpy juice (or straining the juice) the Ninja is a great way to avoid the unitasker that is a juicer.

ninja blending

I only have one real complaint* about then blender, and that is it is crazy loud.  Like, my pets are more scared of this blender than they are of the vacuum loud.  It sounds roughly like a jet-engine tearing through the kitchen.

*My other complaint is that the blades are seriously sharp, but I guess if they weren’t crazy sharp, it wouldn’t be such a badass blender. So ultimately it’s my own fault that I’m stupid clumsy and have cut myself on about four different occasions while cleaning this bad boy.

So if you’re in the market for a new blender, you should definitely check out the Ninja Ultima.

Disclaimer: I received a Ninja Ultima free in exchange for a review.  As always, all thoughts and options are my own.

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