Life Lately…

…has been crazy.  I’ve got a lot to share, but no to sit down an blog!  So until I have time to sit down and write a respectable post, here’s what’s been going on with me… 

…I’ve been wrapping things up in my Intro to Business class.  Our final paper was due on Sunday, and the final is due by 11:59pm on Thursday.  Right now I’ve got an A which was my goal for the class so hopefully the final goes well.

Yelp's Great Steak-cation

…I’ve attended not one but two! Yelp Elite events since I last blogged.  Last night I went to Yelp’s Fare Share at Dancing Marlin with Nik, and back on July 8th, I went to Yelp’s Great Steak-cation which was held at the Longhorn Steakhouse near me.  Both were awesome, and I’ll post full recaps when I have some more time.

…Speaking of Yelp, I’m going to be doing a mini-demo on it at HLS this year.  It’s going to be sometime on Friday during a Blogger Workship Open House the HLS team is putting together.  I’m also going to be live-blogging or live-tweeting a couple sessions.

HLS Badge

…Speaking of HLS, I booked my Megabus ticket to Minneapolis last week, and Laura booked out hotel room.  I’ll be there Thursday evening through Monday morning.  Are you going?  I’m really looking forward to my mini-vacay and catching up with some blogger friends I haven’t seen since HLS 2010!

…I’ve also been party planning like crazy to throw a certain someone a surpise 30th birthday party this weekend.  Planning a surprise party is hard…and expensive…but mostly hard.  I’m a terrible secret keeper.  Plus I’ve been trying to sneakily clearn the house.  I’m a terrible housekeeper so for me to just up and clean the house would be mighty suspicious.

…We went to Pierogi Fest this past weekend.  It was pretty amazing.  I can hardly believe I used to think pierogi’s were gross!

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