Mission 101

Start Date: August 1, 2010
End Date: April 28, 2013

My challenege is to complete all 101 goals on the list below in 1001 days.  Some of the goals are very minor, some of them are life altering, some are serious, and some are silly.  They’re all things I would like to accomplish over the next 2.75 years.

Struck through items are things I’ve done.  Italicized items are in progress.

  1. Take a photography class
  2. See Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on opening night. (I went with my friend Colleen to the midnight show one July 15, 2011.  It.was.EPIC.)
  3. Complete a Sprint triathlon
  4. Finish a marathon (Finished!)
  5. Reach a healthy BMI
  6. Volunteer
  7. Visit the Shedd Aquarium
  8. Visit the Adler Planetarium
  9. Visit Lincoln Park zoon
  10. Visit the Field Museum
  11. Renew CPR/ First Aid certification and maintain it
  12. Get a second tattoo
  13. Organize recipes/ compile a recipe book (Done November 2011)
  14. Write my own recipe (Enchilada Spaghetti)
  15. Read a new book a month Edited: Read 101 books.  (This is much more realistic honestly.) Track my progress using the Goodreads link in the sidebar.
  16. Send out holiday cards (Sent December 2011)
  17. Watch Food, Inc. (I finally watched the whole documentary in July 2011)
  18. Watch 3 Food documentaries. (Watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead in July 2011, Watched Fat Head and Food Matters in February 2012)
  19. Read “Eating Animals” (My recap)
  20. Read “Eat, Pray, Love”
  21. Keep a pen and paper journal (Start in October 2011)
  22. Complete a half marathon
  23. Decide what I want to be when I “grow up”
  24. Decide what to study
  25. Go back to school
  26. Find a new veggie to like (In Summer 2011, I started eating tomatoes and mushrooms on a regular basis.  Both of which used to be on my “most hated veggies” list!)
  27. Go vegetarian for 1 month (I’ve been eating vegetarian – with a few exceptions – since reading Eating Animals – #19)
  28. Eat vegan for a week
  29. Visit Laura in Texas Visited in October 2011 to run Dallas 13.1)
  30. Run a race with Laura 
  31. Take a yoga class at a yoga studio (Accomplished during HLS 2010)
  32. Try Thai food (I finally ordered Thai food at Chi Tung in July 2011.  I had roti with a Malaysian Chicken curry.  I also tasted Nik’s Spicy Basil Noodle, but he orders it WAY too spicy for me!)
  33. Buy a splurge item (July 2011, I bought a juicer.  This was a difinitely impulse/ splurge item for me.)
  34. Get a massage (June 9, 2011 My friend Rachel recently finished Massage Therapy school, and I got to be one of her guinea pigs for her clinical hours.  It was amazing, and I will be getting more.)
  35. Go to the beach Horsehoe Bay in Bermuda totally counts!
  36. Volunteer at a race
  37. Go hiking or biking in a National Park
  38. Visit Emily in California
  39. Take a road trip somewhere I’ve never been (December 2011 Nik & I took a road trip to St. Louis for a Blackhawks game against the blues.)
  40. Spend a weekend being a tourist in Chicago
  41. Watch Firefly and Serenity (Accomplished August ’10)
  42. Make my own sangria
  43. Update my voters registration (Apparently I did this when I changed my drivers license in June of 2009 but I didn’t actually realize it.  Oops!)
  44. Start a dream journal
  45. Attend an event at the local pagan store
  46. Host a dinner party
  47. Create a list of places to visit before I die (Started February 2012 as a combination places to visit/ destination races to run list…will continue to add to it.)
  48. Sort through my make-up and purge/ replace items (I did this in December 2010.  I threw away nearly half of my make-up which I never used.)
  49. Up the amount of money I put in saving to $100 per check Edited: My pay schedule changed so my goal is now $50 per check
  50. Be able to do 10 “real” push-ups
  51. Go to the movies alone
  52. Remodel my master bathroom (make it functional) (The boy helped me out on this one by surprising me for Christmas!)
  53. Take a bus tour of Chicago
  54. Go snowboarding
  55. Send a random care package to a friend (I sent Laura a back to school care package in August ’10.)
  56. Participate in a gift tree or similar event (e.g. backpack drive) (December 2011 I bought gifts for 2 kids at Fuller Elementry School for the Secret Santa gift drive my office did.)
  57. Give blood
  58. Roll over my 401K
  59. See a financial planner (My brother passed my name off to someone he met with so I went for it.)
  60. Run 27 races in 2.7 years
  61. Learn to fully use my Garmin
  62. Get “real” furniture for my living room (With my new tables I’m getting there!)
  63. Eat at a fancy restaurant
  64. Post 101 Operation Beautiful notes
  65. Finish Nick & Nicki’s scrapbook (Finished on 4/12/11.  Gifted on 4/16/11!)
  66. Make a pumpkin pie from scratch (Pumpkin pie from an actaual pumpkin!)
  67. Visit the East Coast/ New England
  68. Race a 10K (The Fleet Feet Women’s 5K & 10K on July 17th with my friend Jenn.)
  69. Run an 8 minute mile
  70. Knit a scarf (December 2011 I finally got back into knitting and made a scarf.)
  71. Sew a dress for myself
  72. Go camping
  73. Create a quote book
  74. Become a GOTR coach (or Solemate) (I am officially part of the Solemates program!)
  75. Run a 5K in 28 minutes or less (Chicago Blackhawk’s Mad Dash to Madison 2011 and Northwest Indiana Habitat for Humanity 5K)
  76. Host Thanksgiving at my house (So it wasn’t at my house..I’m still counting it.)
  77. Go to a haunted house
  78. Switch to green energy if the option becomes available
  79. Try hot yoga
  80. Do something that scares me (On  February 25, 2012, I went shooting for the first time.)
  81. Make bagels from scratch (February 25, 2012 was a big day for me…)
  82. Make a ”vision collage”
  83. Visit Canada
  84. Go to the Harry Potter theme park
  85. Successfully make granola
  86. Participate in a bike race
  87. Host a blog give-away
  88. Run a an entire half marathon (Dallas 13.1 in October 2011!)
  89. Run a half marathon in 2:45 or less. (Finished the WI Half Marathon in 2:34:51!)
  90. Make a new friend (I’ve actually made a few new friends including my totally new friend Amber.)
  91. Decorate a cake (I made my friend Nik the boy a monkey cake for his birthday)
  92. Find a hobby I love
  93. Watch “The Graduate”
  94. Successfully grow a fruit of veggie plant
  95. Keep a basil plant alive for month than 1 month Success!
  96. Do a TV free week
  97. Host a game night
  98. Try  a raw food restaurant
  99. Go camping
  100. Put $5 into savings for each goal left incomplete after 1001 days.
  101. Make a new 101 list.

Weekly Wrap Up: 3/29 – 4/4

A #HLS13 Recap of Sorts

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