Operation Fit into my Damn Dress

Still makes me giggle.
Still makes me giggle.

As I mentioned in last Monday’s post reflecting on my weight loss, I’ve recommitted to weight loss and specifically the idea of comfortably fitting into my (already purchased) wedding dress. I’ve been lovingly referring to this as Operation: Fit into my Damn Dress.

After the last two weeks (I officially started getting my shit together again on 9/4.), I’m down about 4lbs, and I’m back under 170lbs. I’m aslo feeling really good and extremely confident and motivated. I’ve been  back at the gym on the regular, though this last week was kind of rough. I was super busy, and my Saturday morning workout was derailed by an unexplained lack of lights at the gym.  I’m getting back at it tonight though.

I’m finding my biggest motivator has actually been letting go of my goal weight. There’s two elements to this:

The first is committing to the idea of weight loss to fit into my dress rather than to reach a specific number. This has given me something really tangible to latch on to. I’ve had a pair of “goal pants” hanging in my bathroom for a while now, but let’s be honest here, a $35 pair of jeans just isn’t quite as motivating as a $400 wedding dress…

The second is actually taking some time to reflect on and reconsider my goal weight. My goals have always been much more health oriented than weight oriented, and as a result, my goal weight has always been a little bit foggy and arbitrary. . I honestly don’t even remember my original goal weight. I assume I set one though… When I started Weight Watchers, my goal had to be in the health BMI range. Thus my goal weight became 141lbs; the absolute top end of the healthy range for someone that’s 5’3″.

The problem is I’ve never really been confident of my ability to reach that goal let alone maintain it! I don’t think I realized until recently how much that negatively affected me. It seems like it should be obvious; if you’re not confident you can reach your goal weight, where’s the motivation to even try?

So I’ve re-set my goal to 150lbs. 150lbs seems reasonable and doable to me. I can actually remember weighing that much because I’ve seen that number on the scale in the last 5 years. I feel like I could have reasonably maintained that weight too if marathon training hadn’t throw me all out of whack. And so that’s my official new goal. I’m seeing a new primary care doc at the end of the month. I plan to discuss this with him and get the doctor’s note necessary to make it my Weight Watchers official goal too.

I don’t plan on doing any sort of formal weigh-in posts, but I’m sure I’ll check-in here on my weight loss progress on ocassion.


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4 thoughts on “Operation Fit into my Damn Dress”

    1. It’s rough. Even when I have a really good, clean week (food wise) there’s always a special event in theren to really challenge me. And there’s some things I’m just not willing to sacrifice…like really good beer and donuts brought to me by co-workers

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