Planning Failures and the Book of Mormon

I know I told you I’d have a recipe for you today, but that didn’t happen.  The post I was planning with my April goals didn’t happen either.  Because for some reason it seems like every time I create a plan for myself and put it out there into the universe via the interwebs, the universe throws it back in my face laughing. Remember those big plans I had earlier this week?  Yeah, those went right out the damn window.

Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not complaining.  My plans went out the window for really good reasons.  Tuesday night my brother and sister in law came in to town so I ended up going to dinner with my family and then out of a beer with the two of them.  And last night I ended up going to see The Book of Mormon!  The reason my brother and sister had come in to town was because my family had gotten tickets to go see the show.  Apparently they bought tickets while Nik and I were on vacation back in February.  After some ruthless teasing about understanding where I, her first born child, really rank in the family, she actually found me a lone seat in the mezzanine! 

Book of Mormon

I sat by myself, but it was totally worth it!  (I’m also counting this as go to a movie by myself on my Mission 101 list.)  The show was absolutely fantastic!  The script was hilarious, and the talent was phenomenal.  It’s definitely offensive and completely not PC, but really from the guys who created South Park and Team America: World Police, can you expect anything less? 

Nik didn’t go last night because I didn’t think he wanted to see the show, but it turns out he did.  Ooops!  I guess now we know where he really ranks.  It was such a great show though that I’m planning to buy us tickets to go see it sometime in June as an early anniversary gift or birthday gift or something. 

But today is a new day and rather than waiting for Sunday and next week to get my ish together again I’m doing it tonight.  I’m making dinner (enchiladas) and the heading to the gym for some strength training and spin class.  I’m going to put my damn laundry away.  Oh, and I’m not going to spend the evening on the couch watching Doctor Who or Ugly Betty… 


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2 thoughts on “Planning Failures and the Book of Mormon”

  1. I really enjoyed that show when we saw it in January, too! And like you said, totally offensive and not PC, but anyone who knows that it is from the people who created South Park should really know that going in. I was really impressed by the musical talent and choreography and everything. I mean I guessed it would be entertaining, but I did not expect it be that well done!
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