Product Review: StrideBox

Full disclosure: I was not paid or perked for this review.  I bought the StrideBox with my own hard earned dollas, and the people at StrideBox don’t even know I’m writing this.

Back in March when I reviewed my KlutchClub boxes, I got a comment telling me about StrideBox – a monthly subscription box for runners.  It seemed wicked awesome so I decided to check it out.  The StrideBox is $15 a month, and  I have to say that, so far, it’s my favorite of the subscription boxes I’ve purchased.  The April box I received had some really great stuff in it!

stridebox review running in chucks The box included Sport Beans, HoneyStingers Cherry Cola gummies, a PB&J Bonk Bar, a Just Great Bar (which was freaking awesome!) a Klitch clip, a peanut butter Gu, water bottle cleaner tablets and a few other things.

IMG_20130506_174218 The products are all pretty commonly available (so I’m not going to review them individually), but I love being able to try a variety of fuels and products I might not necessarily go out and buy on my own.

If you’re a runner, I definitely think StrideBox is worth checking out

So, I just found this in my drafts folder.  I have no idea how/ why it never got posted back in May when I wrote it, but I’m still subscribing to StrideBox, and I still love it!  I’m more or less hooked on the SportsBeans as my running fuel, and last month’s box had some Cytomax freeze pops that I’m be trying after my long run this weekend.  (It’s gonne be a hot one!)  All in all, I totally recommend giving the StrideBox a try if you’re a runner!

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