Progress Photos: June 2010 vs February 2013

Progress photos are something I’m absolutely terrible about taking.  I always say I’m going to take them, and then I get distracted or lazy or whatever and don’t bother.  The same goes for measurements.  I know that’s the best way to measure progress when the scale doesn’t budge, but honestly, if my trainer didn’t take them monthly, I wouldn’t have any idea how many inches I lost while the scale wasn’t moving.

Anyway.  Saturday morning I was sorting through some old photos on my computer, and I ran across some progress photos I took on June 13, 2010 (if the labels are to be trusted).  Since I had these photos and happen to still own the same clothes, I thought what the hell, “Let’s take some new progress photos and compare.”

So I did.  Then I created this nifty little side-by-side comparison using the newly discovered (by me) PicMonkey site.

runninginchucks 6-10 to 2-13 Progress


Bam!  I’m fancy, huh?  I’ve got to say, I like how the lighting in this bathroom makes me look much less pale than I actually am.

Then I started wondering just how much I actually weighed back in June 2010 (about 18 months in to these weight loss shenanigans .  So I pulled up my old SparkPeople account, and you wanna know something funny?  I weighed 161 lbs on June 2, 2010.  That’s precisely 1.2 lbs more then than what the scale reported to me when I weighed in Saturday morning.  1.2 lbs, that’s it.  Part of me was shocked.  It feels like such a huge difference.  I think it even looks like more than a 1.2 lb difference.  I wish I had been better about taking measurements back then (or that I could even remember my current measurements) because I would love to see what the difference is there.

Since I don’t have measurements to compare I started looking at other pictures from the June 2010 time.  I still own a lot of the same clothes, and I can see differences in how they fit in those pictures compared to how they fit me now.  For example…

outfit progress runninginchucks

I think what this really shows me though is two things.  First, it kind of goes to show just how meaningless then scale can actually be when it comes to showing progress.  It also shows me what a huge, huge, huge impact strength training and building muscle, and really fitness in general, actually has on the body.  I am, without question, more fit now than I’ve ever been.  I would even argue I’m more fit now that I was when I was at the peak of swim conditioning.  Even then I hated running and lifting weights.  I just wanted to be in the pool.

These pictures also make me feel really proud of myself despite the net weight-loss progress over the past 2.5 years.  You can’t really see it in these pictures…except kind of maybe a little in the last one on the right…but when I look closely at my stomach, I can actually see what appear to be real, live abdominal muscles peeking out from under the remaining fat.

So maybe this will be when I actually start taking regular progress photos and regularly tracking my measurements…maybe.  Maybe I’ll get it together enough to actually post monthly weigh-ins (again) complete with measurements, photos, the whole nine yards…maybe.  It is nice to look back on and really see my progress, but I promise nothing.

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11 thoughts on “Progress Photos: June 2010 vs February 2013”

  1. This is so awesome, Stina! You look effing fantastic! =) And so crazy that you look so much tinier and more fit in the recent pix, despite that stupid scale! Awesome.

    I am terrible at taking progress pix too, so you are not alone.

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