Race Recap: Chicago Women’s Half Marathon

Three weekends ago I ran the Fleet Feet Chicago Women’s Half Marathon with my friend Jen.  As much as running in the frigid cold of winter sucks, I definitely prefer it to the summer.  First of all, racing in the summer requires you to get up at the ass crack of dawn so you can *hopefully* finish the race before it’s too hot to function.  So race day started for me when the alarm went off at 4:30am.

Jen and her mom could picked me up shortly after 5am.  We drove downtown, parked and headed to the starting area so we could get in line for the port-a-potties.  The lines were crazy, and we were worried we were going to be stuck in line when the race started.  Luckily we made it through just in time to get in the shoot as the race started!

Women's Half
Jen and I before the race.

The Event Alert for the race was red/ high alert, but when the race started, it didn’t really seem like the weather was going to be that bad.  There was a nice breeze, and it wasn’t terribly hot.  It was definitely humid though.  We were moving at a nice clip, and in retrospect, we maybe started off too quickly.   As the morning progressed, and the sun started to come out, it definitely got hot!

The goal of the race was for Jen and I to stick together and hopefully pace her to a new PR!  Sadly, the weather had other ideas.  We knew it was going to be a hot one but thought we might still be able to manage it.  The real problem came when the sun was fully risen.  It was a full on sunny day and very little shade on the course.

Shortly before Mile 10, my dumb ass got too close to the edge of the trail and took a small spill.  I scraped up my right knee and got the nastiest bruise I’ve had in a loooooong time.  It’s actually still bruised (and hurting!) almost two weeks later!  I stopped at the aid station for a band-aid, and I’m pretty sure the one EMT thought I had like passed out and fallen or something.  I appreciated her concern, but I just wanted a band-aid, yo!

Despite the heat and my fall, we were actually on pace to get Jen her PR until somewhere around mile 11 when the heat got overwhelming.  We ended up walking most of the last 2 miles or so.  I was bummed Jen didn’t get her PR, but crossing the finish line was always the more important goal.  I ended up finishing in 3:24:42.

Women's Half Finish

As always, Fleet Fee put on an awesome race.  There was a great post-race fest.  After the race we ran into Jen’s friend Genevieve, her sister, and Maggie from Mag Mile Runner.  We headed to Eleven City Diner to grab some brunch/ lunch with them before heading home for nap time.

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7 thoughts on “Race Recap: Chicago Women’s Half Marathon”

  1. Ahh! Wish I would have run in to you on course – I had a very close finish time to that!

    So happy you had a friend to run this with – it was a bit on the brutal side with that full sun. And come on… no bruise pic?! 😛
    kilax recently posted..Training Week 194 [17]My Profile

    1. I thought I had taken a bruise picture. I even went to print it for my Project Life scrapbook and was disappointed to discover I never took one!

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