Run for Boston 5K

It’s been one hell of a week.  With everything that’s happened the bombing at the Boston Marathon just feel so long ago.  It’s been a week wrought with tragedy and stress at the national, local, and personal level for me.  I could bitch and cry and moan and drink, but I’m not going to do that.  (Well, I am going to drink…) Instead I’m going to tell you about the one redeeming factor of this week.

Run for Boston 5K

The Run for Boston 5K.  Katie of Live Half Full and Art from Muddy Monk have pulled together and, in less than a week, set up the Run for Boston 5K.  There will be a local Chicago race in Libertyville, but they’re also hosting a virtual event.  They’re planning to donate 100% of the registration fees directly to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Go now and register.  I’ll be running at the Chicago event so if you live in the south burbs and want to carpool let me know.  We’ll make arrangements.

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