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cultivate a good life by Becky Higgins
So back in April, I made the decision to finally start a Project Life book.  Out of equal parts of laziness and being a cheap ass, I have not yet started my Project Life book.  (The “core kits” are like $30 on Amazon which really isn’t expensive at all, but when you add up the kit and the binder and the pockets it just seems to get really expensive really fast, and sometimes I just have a hard time spending money a lot of money at once on things that aren’t a necessity which is silly since I have no problem spending, like, $50 a week on unecessary crap in small increments.  This is also why I still haven’t gotten my second tattoo, but I digress…)

But, I have a birthday coming up in less than two weeks.  (Side note: How the hell is it already two weeks from my birthday?!)  So I’ve decided to buy myself the materials to get started as a birthday present to myself.  Plus starting Project Life on my birthday deals with my need to start it on some milestone date rather than just some random Tuesday.

I didn’t do a great job with my goal of documenting my 28th year per my 28 While 28 Goals, but I’m hoping that taking on my 29th year in Project Life format will help me stick to it.  After all, the whole point of Project Life (at least as I understand it) is to be the most lost maintenance type of scrapbooking and life documentation.

I just clicked purchase on my Amazon cart so there’s no turning back now!  So, friends that participate in Project Life, now is the time to share your favorite sources of Project Life inspirations, materials (the freer the better!) and sage wisdom!

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3 thoughts on “She’s Crafty: Project Life”

  1. I’m pathetic with my Project Life. I bought the kit last year around January and DID NOTHING with it. I tried starting this February again. I think I did one page. Pathetic. I love reading about Kelly’s and look forward to you showing me up too. 😉

    1. Yeah. This will either be super awesome, or I’ll end up like you. I really do like scrapbooking (or at least the idea of it), but I just find it so cumbersome. I don’t feel like I have a great eye for design so creating layouts and adding all the accoutrements just becomes stressful for me after, like, page 1. I’m hoping since this doesn’t really require anything more than printing photos and a little bit of journaling, I’ll actually keep up with it.

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