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11 Questions

A while back both Erin and Krista tagged me in the 11 Questions meme that was circulating the blogosphere.  I didn’t do it before because well…I just didn’t.  I’m skipping the whole tagging aspect because this is old news by now, but now seems like as good a time as any to actually provide you with 11 random facts and answer Erin and Krista’s questions.  So let’s get started shall we?

11 Random Facts…
1. I am seriously terrified of one day becoming a hoarder.  My grandmother was a hoarder so I’m convinced it’s in my genetics and if I don’t keep it in check, I will become one too.

2. As a direct result of #1, I find “collections” (such as Nik’s hat collection) incredibly unsettling.

3. I am hyper organized and a borderline control freak at work, but my house is in a constant state of disaster.

4. I still don’t think I’ve fully accept that fact that I will be running a marathon in, oh, 43 days.

5. I am extremely good at thinking through and considering all sides of an issue.  As a result I am extremely bad at taking a stance on most issues.

6. I only vaguely recall when my natural hair color is.

7. I can’t dress myself so I often wish I had a personal stylist to come shopping with me.  I need someone to say “Here, put this on.”

8. I secretly (or not so secretly now) love teeny-bopper pop music, and I may or may not actually own Lindsay Lohan’s CD.  And that new Selena Gomez song…obsessed.

9. I love to cook, but I hate cooking for just myself.  Back when Nik and I were just friends, I was constantly making him come over for dinner so I would have someone to cook for.

10. I have more than 100 pairs of underwear.  That’s right, I could, in theory, go more than 3 months without ever having to wash a pair of underwear.

11. I forget to put on deodorant more frequently than I should probably admit to.

Erin’s Questions

(1)    What is one food you could eat over and over and over?
I know this is kind of a “cop out” answer, but anything made from potatoes.  Seriously.
(2) If you could change your name to be anything you could imagine, what would it be?
I’ve always liked Mari Jayne, but I feel like it would be a total pain in the ass if it were actually my name.  People already can’t spell my name correctly.
(3) What would a tv show about your life be called and who would play you?
I have no freaking clue.  Maybe Zooey Dechanel because I think she’s adorable.
(4) Trains, planes, or automobiles?
Planes. Although taking the AmTrak down the Pacific Coast from Santa Barbara to LA was pretty awesome.
(5) If you could switch jobs with no problem and no worries about money, what would you do?
I would probably end up a jack of all trades and a master of none.  I’m interested in way too many things to pick just one.  I would probably teach for a while, work as a baker/ pastry chef, maybe work as a reporter for a stint…
(6) City or Country?
City, no question.
(7) If you could only buy clothes from one store for the rest of your life, where would it be?
How much money do I have?  Really though, it would probably be Penny’s.
(8) How many years is your longest/oldest friendship?
Almost 25.  We met at her family’s garage sale.  I invited her to come swim in my Care Bear pool.  It was awesome.
(9) Dream vacation spot?
At this moment, Ireland is really high on my list as are Australia and an Alaskan cruise.
(10) Driver or passenger?
Driver especially if you want me to stay awake for any amount of time.
(11) What is the language you would learn first if you could wake up knowing it without any studying at all?
I would love to be fluent with sign language.

Krista’s Questions

  1. What is one song you can listen to on repeat over and over and over again?
    Self Esteem by The Offspring
  2. If you won a week long all expenses paid trip to somewhere in the U.S., where would you      go?
    I would go to San Francisco.
  3. What was your favorite childhood cartoon?
    I was a huge Inspector Gadget fan.  Back      before the DVR, we would record episodes on VHS so I could watch them on      sick days!
  4. Have you ever been part of a team sport?
    I was on swim team from 4th grade through my junior year of      high school, and I played softball from 1st or 2nd      grade through my freshman year of high school.
  5. What is the last book you read?
    Vanity, Vengeance and a Weekend in Vegas by Kyra Davis
  6. Cupcake, cookie or donut?
  7. What is one thing you do to keep yourself centered?
    My friends play a big role in keeping me centered as does running
  8. Beer, wine, or soda?
    Beer or wine depending on my mood/ the circumstances, but I almost      never drink soda/
  9. What is the strangest food you’ve tried?
    I’ve never been very adventurous with foods.  The most exotic thing that comes to mind      right now is sushi…
  10. What was your first concert?
    I can’t remember with 100% certainty, but I think it was DC Talk
  11. Are you superstitious?
    I’m not really superstitious per se, but I do believe in ghosts and      paranormal activity and stuff like that.

A Fresh Start

Back in the day, or ya know, like, three weeks ago, I blogged over at Girl Can Do.  I’ve pretty much always struggled with that blog.  I didn’t feel like I connected with it.  I struggled to find my voice.  I felt like I was trying to live up to, or blog up to, someone else’s expectations.  I kept trying to start over, but it just never seemed to “fit” for me.  So what better way to start over than a completely new blog and a fresh start?  So here we are.

A new blog.  A new approach.  A fresh start.

Running in Chucks: it’s about more than just crossing the finish line

If there is one thing I believe to be ultimately true in this life, it is that there are very few occasions in life for which a new pair of Chuck Taylors is inappropriate.  Mark my words, I will one day wear Chucks to my wedding.  Despite the blog name, running is actually one of those few occasions I deem Chucks inappropriate.

More to the point though, this is a blog about me: my life, my thoughts, my hopes and dream, my running, my cooking, my past, my present, and my future.

It’s a journal, a record and a reminder of the things I’ve seen, the things I’ve done, and the struggles I’ve faced along the way.

After all, life is about more than just crossing a finish line.

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