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Weight Loss Reflections + September Goals

Little bit of house keeping – I’ve updated the look of the blog so if you’re reading this from Feedly or Bloglovin, take a jump and check it out!

Real talk: In the last year and a half, I’ve gained nearly 20lbs. Truthfully, this fact did start bothering me until very, very recently. (Mostly it was when I saw the scale bump above 170lbs.)  Because here’s the thing, I’ve had a hard time really caring about weight loss for a while now. I mean really caring about it. The kind of caring about it required to be successful. Weight loss really hasn’t been a priority for me – regardless of the many times I’ve recommitted to my weight loss – for a long time.  (Also, as an aside, apparently I tend to recommit to my weight loss around this time every year…)

I’ve care about maintaining a health lifestyle without a doubt. I haven’t returned to atrocious eating habits of yore.  I’ve kept up my fitness overall, and even though I haven’t been as consistent in strength training, I’m still doing it with some regularity. I actually took some progress photos on Friday night to compare with my photos from June 2010 and February 2013. I’m definitely squishier than I was in 2013 (boo), but I think I still look smaller than I did in 2010 despite weighing 10lbs more (yay!)

Progress 2010-2014

More real talk: I’m getting married in less than 3 months. While I don’t buy into the wedding industry’s message that you must lose weight and be fit and toned and bikini ready (or whatever) to be beautiful on your wedding day, I already have my dress. The day I picked it up it fit perfectly – no alterations needed (read: I wouldn’t have to spend more money.) The dress still fits despite the weight I’ve gained since I picked it up back in February but just barely.

So as superficial as it may or may not be, that’s my current motivation. Yes I want to look good in my dress, but more importantly I want to be comfortable in my dress. I want to be able to eat and dance and breath without feeling like I’m going to tear my dress at the seams.

I’m not saying I’m recommitting to weight loss, but I am committing to hopefully looking a bit more like I did back in February 2013 (and that damn dress!)

So to help keep me committed, some September Goals. I’m keeping it simple this month:

Sept Goals

  1. Tracking – because well, I know damn well tracking is what I need to do to actually lose weight.
  2. Work-out 5 days a week – 3 strength days, 2 straight cardio or group fitness class days. I printed a calendar to hang up and check off days I work out.  I want at least 20 check marks.
  3. Sign up and train for a 5K – After the marathon, I’ve struggled to fall back in love with running. I find myself missing training and racing more and more, and a 5K seems like a good way to easy myself back into a training plan.

In a Funk

I’ve been in a serious funk lately. I don’t know if it’s the never.ending.winter. or what, but I can’t seem to keep a grasp on my motivation.  It’s lurking right below the surface, but I can’t seem to get it to bubble up. It’s an odd through the looking glass situation.

I also haven’t been making much effort either though.  I just keep putting it off.  I tell myself I’m going to get up early and work out, and instead of just fucking doing it, I make an excuse and tell myself I’ll do it after work.  Then when I get home from work, and I fine an excuse and tell myself I’ll do it in the morning.  And it’s not just work-outs either, I’ve taken a sort of ‘meh’ attitude to everything the last couple.  I would sit down to blog and have nothing I felt was worth saying (though I have been blogging about wedding planning over on the private forums at  Offbeat Bride .) I’d open Twitter, get overwhelmed by the number of unread tweets, mark them all as read and close it. I couldn’t tell you the last time I looked at my feed reader.

Maybe it’s the extra brutal winter and my usual plummet into not quite, but almost maybe legitimate depression.  Maybe it’s some sort of self-sabotage. I don’t know, and at this point I  don’t think I care. At this point I just need to start taking action. I need to start re-engaging myself. I need to start using my blog and my social media and my people to keep me accountable. I need to get back to setting goals and giving a crap about those goals.

So April goals then.

  1. Half Marathon training – I mentioned on Twitter I signed up for a half marathon on May 4th.  This was one of the half a dozen nice-ish days I was delusional enough to think twinter wasn’t going to extend in to April.  Then it did.  I haven’t done much training.  My fitness levels are fine so I’m not worried about that aspect, but I am worried about injurying myself because my body isn’t used to running.  TL;DR version, I need to spend the next month taking training seriously so I don’t bust my shit.
  2. Plank-a-Day – and share it on social media to keep my in check.
  3. Lose 5lbs.  I spotted making specific weight loss goals a while ago, but I feel like in order to start taking it seriously again and actually get to my goal, I need to start setting very specific goals with specific time frames.
  4. Stay engaged on the blog and social media – I haven’t quite formulated a plan on this one.  I might go back to weekly weigh-ins and/ or workout summaries.  I might do more Instagram check-ins.  I’m working on this still.  If you notice me falling off the face of the internet, feel free to poke me in the eye.  Oh, and if you’re not already following me…now would be the time to get on that! Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper


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