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What’s Making Me Happy This Week VI

Our board game collection (and board games in general really)

First time playing Boss Monster. I’m Seducia the Sorceress of Sexiness

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Between the wedding (Amazon registries for the win!) and Christmas, our board game collection has really filled out. We went from a handful of games to almost 20 different games (and a lack of storage for them!) Smallword, Ticket to Ride, and Boss Monster are probably our favorite games right now, but that’s just a fraction of our game collection now. Bullet journaling YummySushiPJs kept mentioning her bullet journal in several of her Instagram posts which got my curious. A quick Googling got me to the Bullet Journal site, and my list has pretty much been revolutionized. For me, journaling is one of those things that I love the idea of it, but when it comes to actually executing….well, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. In my head journaling requires elaborately crafted “Dearest Diary” entries, but those pretty much end up reading something like…

“Dearest Diary, Today I did the same thing I do every day. I ate pretty much the same thing I eat every day. I skipped my workout again. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get up for that early morning gym sesh.! xoxo, Stina”

My bullet journal is sort of a planner/ journal hybrid. I keep my weekly meal plans, daily schedule, and weekly work-out schedule in there, but I can also add whatever I want – random notes, stickers or other scraps, more elaborate, self-reflection style journal entries, doodles, whatever! The other day, I taped in a wrapper from a really awesome piece of super dark chocolate I ate witha  note that said, “Damn. This was good.” Honestly, if I started to take a bullet journal approach to blogging, I might actually blog with some sort of frequency! My new avatar

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I updated my avatar across my various social media platforms yesterday because I just love this picture. It was one I snapped randomly while settling in to my hotel bed to read Game of Thrones so there’s nothnig special about it, but it makes me smile.

Brain Vomit

This post is going to be a series of randomly unrelated bits of information and housekeeping.  They all need to be posted sooner rather than later.  I don’t feel like blowing up your reader with multiple posts tomorrow, and it’s unlikely I’ll managed to get it together for separate posts throughout the week.


  1. Did you read The Wonderful Wizard of Oz as part of the Healthy Living Blogs book club?  (It’s one of my favorite books ever though I haven’t actually finished my re-reading yet.)  Did you skip the book but still want to see the new Oz: The Great and Powerful movie?  Do you live in Chicago? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions you’re in luck because I’m the planning partner for the Chicago movie meet-up!  The event is tentatively planned for Sunday, March 10th at the AMC River East theater.  Showtimes haven’t been released that far out yet, but if you’re interested send me an email runninginchucks @ gmail.com.  I’d love to find a time that works for as many people as possible!
  2. I won my DietBet!  My final weigh-out was 157.8lbs.  I exceeded my goal by 1.2lbs, and that was two days into vacation too!  I’m extremely proud of myself and plan to join another one for the month of March.  Apparently with a little hard work and dedication I actually CAN lose weight!
  3. I know I punked out on the last half of my road trip posts.  Tuesday we were at the Grand Canyon and Sedona and the pictures from my phone don’t even begin to do the sights we saw justice.  Wednesday (Day 5) was spent loafing around my friend’s house so there weren’t any pictures taken!  I didn’t get a post up on Day 6 because we had crappy cell coverage through the mountainous back-roads between Arizona and New Mexico then we spent some quality time with my aunt and uncle.  By that point it was just the return trip home, and I figured I’d just blog recaps with the good pictures from my camera.  I have over 550 pictures so don’t worry, there’s plenty to see.
  4. If you’re interested in running the Chicago Pretty Muddy race with me, the early registration discount ends on March 1st.  This means the pricing is increasing $10!  Hurry up and register now!  If you want to join me team (and I suggest you do.  I’m thinking there will be tu-tus involved!) the team name is Muddy Girls Do It Better.
  5. Getting back into the healthy living groove post-vacation has been surprisingly easy this time around.  I’m chalking it up to my attempt to at least try to be healthy on this trip.  It definitely got rough near the end – exhaustion and being sick and tired of baby carrots lead to failed workout attempts (at least I tried right?) and a few fast food meals (which I mostly did actually track!), but all in all, I feel really good about how well I did staying on track during vacation.  I was only actually up two pounds as Monday morning.
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