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Thoughts on Thursday

Here’s what’s been on my mind this week…

  1. I’m giving serious consideration to cutting my hair above my shoulders.  I’ve been loving my long(er) hair, but recently it’s started to feel so blah.  Then I ran across this picture from June 2009 on Facebook.

    Now I really want my hair to that length again.
  2. I’ve finally gotten on board the Pinterest train.  It took me forever to get why everyone is so obsessed, but I kind of get it now.  It hasn’t turned into the world’s biggest time suck for me, but I am now an active user.  Follow me!
  3. I have this sudden desire to be nature girl extraordinaire, and I really want to go camping despite that fact that I’ve never really enjoyed camping.  The last time I went camping was out in California.  In the middle of the night, my friend (and camping partner-in-crime) Emily and I decided we were too cold.  We drove back to her apartment to sleep and then returned to our campsite the next morning to make breakfast over the fire.  We totally pretended like we never left.
    Maybe it’s all the awesome hikes we’ve been going on, but I’m totally on board for a camping trip that doesn’t invovle my family’s summer house.
  4. My friends and I are huge board game nerds, and I’m now obsessed with building my own board game collection.  I have spent an obscene amount of time browsing Amazon lately.  Feel free to buy my any of the games from this Amazon wishlist and come play them with me.  Until then I will be slowly but surely building my collection using my Discover card cash back bonus to buy game from Amazon.
  5. I’m thinking about switching up my blog layout.  I really loved this theme when I set things up, but now I’m not so crazy about it.


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